Is the TA worth being in?

After being in for a number of years and in between tours, have to ask why do it? Normal TA jogging seems to be a bit lame. Blokes on ADC contracts with no intention of coming outside of their comfort zones. Getting someone from being interested in joining to being a "trained" soldier seems to take a lifetime. MATTs trg seems to be the only thing on the programme, which isn't great for retention! Or is that just my unit?

And the TA is to be increased in size with a reduction in the Regular Army?
If SUTs or recruits, do not attend summer challenge then it does seem to take forever. Scottish Challenge seems to be under subscribed,bit slow in promoting it perhaps.

ADC contracts are vital for those who are adept at recruiting, funny how they can't attend camp though. Our training has had some spice thrown in to the mixer though, take the good times with the bad they should improve.
This sounds like a 'lost mojo' problem. Llech has provided the solution.

I have to say my time in the TA taught me about drinking, standing around with my hands in my pockets whilst staring at me feet and the fine art of walking around the TAC with a piece of paper in my hand looking as if I was on a mission.

However, there were good bits too, but I was just too drunk to remember them.
I was in the TA for 8 months or so. I liked it that much I joined up for real. Free food, free PT, doing a few things I'd never done before, a bit of spending money, some new mates, my mum & dad realising I wasn't that much of a **** after all. The Wolvo Punx realising I was an even bigger ****.

This did come at a price, though. I had to cut my long bleached spikes off, down to where the hair was dark brown. I wasn't allowed to wear my piercings in my ear and nose during drill nights and training weekends. I even missed a UK Subs gig in Birmingham because I was on exercise that Saturday. Although my mates had a word with Charlie Harper beforehand, and he dedicated Warhead to me.
The TA can be very rewarding if you try hard enough. Get on plenty of courses and get up the ranks and then you will find it a bit more demanding. Also join a good unit that is keen as mustard. I'm in the RIR and they are a great bunch and being ex Regulars I find they are really switched on.


If your able get into a more challenging capbadge.
That's what I'm doing. I think me and the current capbadge have run our course. Been a blast, but I'm sick of musical chairs, "managed" decline, and indifference from our Capbadge HQ.
Off to the sun lit uplands of a new capbadge at the begining of something good...
^ditto. Currently in talks with rep from another corps, not convinced it isn't a wind up - mention of tours already :)

No mention of you can't do that because your TA (my current rank may be a problem though)
I've been toying with the idea of moving for ages.

HAC is top of my shopping list, then 306 fd hosp and CIMIC.

Each has it's pros & cons but I'm tired of the same dull, limp, unimaginative CoC who are hell bent on doing things the way they've always been done.

Same old same old.
Become an instructor. Give something back to your unit and everything becomes that little bit more interesting.
Become an instructor. Give something back to your unit and everything becomes that little bit more interesting.
You can then gorge on Ginsters and become a fat enabler!

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