Is the TA training enough to prepare u for an op?

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by dzeh, Mar 20, 2009.

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  1. I am more than likely going to be applying to the 4 lancs ta unit in summer sometime, and just wondering whether the amount of TA training you do is enough to prepare u for an op in afghanistan (if you got called up soonish after being qualified as an infantryman) etc as compared to a regular soldier who has done about 26 solid weeks of training?

    And do ta soldiers get equiped to the same standards as a regular soldier when on ops such as body armour and etc?

  2. will you be prepared? hmmmm.... the acid test is can you raise and lower a barrier? if the answer is yes your in. :wink:

    oh and 2 sugars please, stirred to the left
  3. My journo radar is showing some activity here.
  4. God even mine is and I'm dumb!
  5. It is a little too obvious isn't it?
  6. Well tell him what he wants to hear then :roll:

    1/ TA dont get trained at all
    2/ TA get blanks instead of real bullets
    3/ Blankets and flip-flops are issued not osprey

    Happy to help dzeh
  7. Ha! you should be so lucky. Some only get 1 flip-flop and they have to share that for patrols.
  8. I remember when journalists were proper journalists and didn't have to resort to faux text speak to try and build a rapport with anonymous posters on t'interwebs. Poor attempt. And all this t'interwebs was fields in my day.
  9. I resent the above kit list, as you are fully aware we the TA buy most of the stuff we have, so the flip flops will be Desert DPM bought from some "gucci" online effort. As for blankets ha! they are on the shelves and not coming of for no "op" quote/unquote TA QM. And as for blanks dont expect one of those yellow things for the end of the weapon just keep pulling the lever thingy ( see well trained we is)
  10. nah, us STABs only get 10 rounds of live ammo on a weekend.
    Have to share a L85A1, the body armour, like the weapon is a old tired worn out hand me downs.
    The nasty ARABS put us on the gate or in sangarsand make uswork past four o'clock on a Sunday which just isn,t fair!
  11. haha thanks for the replies

    i guess i would have to pay for the flight over to afghanistan as well right :roll:
  12. but on the plus side talbian are only allowed to fire blanks at us .Though
    normally we just shout bang at each other .Only not too loudly so the real soldiers can get some sleep .
  13. Flight?? Good luck with that!