Is the TA a back door into the REGs

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by boro_private, Sep 20, 2007.

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  1. The question is simple, I have been deferred for medical reasons that are absolutely pathetic and im p***ed off.

    So what I'm thinking is get down to the TA and see if I can get into the REG's that way.

    Any thoughts? similar experiences? advice?

    Cheers guys
  2. msr

    msr LE


    But you never know how lucky you might be ;)

  3. Yes you can transfer into the regs from the TA if you’re good enough, however the TA has the same medical requirements as the regs so you’re a bit fcked there.
  4. I beg to differ, as from personal experience, the TA is not the same requirements.

    I was downgraded whilst I was in the Army. When I left, I considered joining the TA, so got as far as the medical stage. Despite being P3LE perm whilst I was serving for a congenital condition (night blindness - stupid german eye specialists tested me for it during a check up at the request of the Army after my UK optition contacted the MO as she thought I had something seriously wrong) , the TA quack signed me of as PE2.

    Although I didn't join in the end, because of the state of the med regts admin (which is in North Wales). But that's a whole other post.

  5. I disagree, they are the same however different doctor often means different results, I've known of many cases of guys who failed thier TA medical and the TAC refering them to another doctor and they passing.
  6. On the entry forms, though, you'll be asked if you have ever tried to join the armed forces before, if you were rejected, and if so, why.
  7. Sorry, that's more logical - different interpretation of the same rules.

    My situation was also probably more to do with the ex-Col. (and also the medic who decides Army eyesight policy who saw me at Frimley Park) who downgraded me realizing that despite the Army not having a policy on nightblindness, his experience informed him that there are certain situations where I would have put others at risk.

    Whereas the bearded civvy who took me for my TA medical probably didn't have any forces experience, and thus that's why he couldn't see a problem with it.
  8. Yeah, it's an issue with the doctors the TA uses. Saying it's possible to pass a medical with a inexperienced doctor does not mean that the TA is a back door to the regulars. It's saying that an inexperienced doctor is a backdoor.

    Although I suspect that if you had continued your application then your condition would have become an issue, and probably resulted in the same situation as you found in the regulars. It may have come out later, during night navigation, night shoots or occupying harbour areas, but the long and the short of it is if your night sight is severely impaired you would have been unable to complete basic training.

    Then the feedback from the training team would have been fed back to the unit, who would then inform the medical Officer who would then have the experience to tell him that night blindness was an issue.
  9. I can see this happening, but it is illogical, isn't it? They are really just asking the same question until they get the answer they like. Then they stop asking. Not a good way to determine "truth".
  10. As someone mentioned before, when it asks have you applied before, and if you have, when.. surely thay would screw up the application right there and then?

    Obviously you could lie, but then that becomes a different ball game..

  11. With the introduction of TRHA any previous attempts to join the forces fairly recently will be instantly available to the recruiter dealing with you, unless you change your name/NI number/etc etc (ie you're fooked)
  12. That is what I thought... it would probably just be better if the person went and got the medical problems fixed, and re aplied when better. Deception doesn't look too good on anyones record.
  13. I konw someone who had this; he failed the TA medical due to a heart murmur, the he had an ECG done (at his own expense) and passed it. He's on deployment training now, and hes had no problems since he joined.