Is the start of a economic disaster for germany?

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by cadethopefull, Aug 27, 2011.

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  1. so the PIGS (portugal, ireland, greese, spain) seem indifferent as to how to repay the money germany has lent them, if this keeps up germany may reconsider the euro, and hence its currency will become stronger. on the SPICED principle this could spell catastrophe for germany as a large propotion of its economy relies on export and the banks of germany have huge stakes in theese companies, does anyone think this is plausable?
  2. One of the greatest and most pernicious of EU myths is that powerful economies like the UK's and Germany 'need' the EU - no they don't. The only difference being outside the EU would make would be they'd both be significantly better off financially.
  3. I am not trying to state that economies like our need the EU ( hate the EU with a passion), I am speculating wether the EU has got germany by the balls with loans and the stakes of german banks firmly in their economies
  4. After initially doing well after the recession German economic growth has ground to a halt. I don't know enough about the German Balance of Payments to say whether this is down to a collapse of export markets.

    As for EU membership, I think a free trade area would be just as beneficial as the EU and all its bullshit. I cannot see any other benefits to membership than free trade.

    Britain pushed for this in the 50s and got nowhere fast.
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    The thread title makes no grammatical sense. Care to amend it before I hoop it?
  6. You're not from round these parts are you?

  7. Just chump change so far to ze Geermans, now ze Phrench, zere banques are dans le merde.
  8. In the spirit of the OP…

    Amend it care hoop before I it?
  9. Yes, yes you can.
    by the way biscuits sp, do you mean a foreigner or someone who is new to arrse

  10. Thats about right. If you are talking about purchasing power and economic influence then you are talking about Germany, France possibly The Netherlands and Finland. None of the other Euro States can touch them.Germany is at the top and therefore its banking sector has to bear the brunt. Unless the Eu get their act together fast the US is going to trump them and I don't mean just Donald. I know the Germans would like to return to the days before the Euro but constitutionally no can do. They have sown the wind and are now reaping the whirlwind.
  11. Don't want to be a 'National Socialist' but 'grease' is the correct spelling.
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