Is the SPS result of Higher/Lower Pay Banding a travesty?

Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by AirbornePaperclip, Apr 7, 2009.

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  1. So how long before the SPS lose WOs/SNCOs on transfer to the RAF TG17 (HR) now that wef 01 Apr 09, RAF HR Cpls to WOs move on to the higher pay band? Apparently due to the size of the Corps, it would be difficult to find funds to move AGC (SPS) WOs/SNCOs on to the higher pay band. With the implementation of JPA and therefore truly joint administration, equality is a brilliant thing - or maybe not!!

    Above is one my original threads. My question now, is how many SSgt’s/WO1’s promoted in the past few years are happy, not only in their job (specifically FSA) but with the pay they receive as a result of the decision on higher/lower pay band.

    Firstly, I congratulate those ranks who have finally been recognised for the support they/we provide to those we serve with both on the frontline, in camp on operations and with those on Rear Party!! However, do we not agree that our SSgt’s/WO1’s (yes I am a SSgt) also deserve the same recognition; the same recognition that our fellow HR Support from the other two services have been afforded.

    Currently, there appear to be very few other SSgt’s in my peer group or thereabouts who are overly content with the jobs available and more so, the recognition for the unforgiving roles they are expected to fill. Yes there are a variety of jobs out there, but where do MCM Div (rightly so) have their priorities to man? Regimental Duties, yes I agree. At RD, the only jobs widely available are FSA; please correct me if I am wrong, but does this role not have a huge amount of responsibility, what with the accounts held, the mentoring of junior ranks and some of whom will be newly promoted Sgts. Is it not obvious that those who manage others receive the pay to reflect their position within the Chain of Command/Level of Personnel Management?

    I, as I’m sure others would, would love to see a reply to this thread from someone within the SPS Chain of Command (yes we know you log on!!) who can provide an honest explanation for the decision not to have included SSgt’s and WO1’s in the decision to award the Higher Pay Band.

    Does the Chain of Command really feel that it is right that senior “Combat HR Specialists” earn less than those they manage and audit?????

    Finally, please don’t let this thread become one of pointless and stupid comments, these forums are meant to be constructive, they provide you with the opportunity if not only to be heard but to make a difference.
  2. chins up fella

    imagine a sgt selected for promotion in august, will transition several grades higher than some existant ssgts

    still work hard then you will get your wo2 in a few long years thanks to veng



    apart from cima which other corps have higher band ssgts?
  3. Well, like I said, constructive comments would be appreciated......

    Personally, I would happily take a drop in rank and revert to Sgt for the pay increase (and job satisfaction) and more so knowing that if and/when selected for promotion again, I'd be paid the wage we all deserve and work for!!
  4. so which other corps have higher band ssgts?