Is the Soldier of today as good as in the past??

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Topcover12, Jan 20, 2011.

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  1. Hi,This is my first post.
    Is todays soldier as good as he used to be??
    When i was in training over 12 years ago,there was lots of time for training,exe,etc,however!
    most of the instructors had little or no combat experience.!!

    Today,everybody has combat experience!but the drills are all rushed in order to get bods out to Units!!

    So is todays Soldier as good as he used to be??
    Any views?
  2. Are the drills really rushed? Surely the length of phase 1 training is as long as it's always been? (I stand to be corrected, as always though)
  3. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    There never used to be training regiments and phases of training, just regimental depots and it was very good. I doubt if there is a drop of difference between the soldiers of my day and those now, except I am more than old enough to be their father!
  4. You're not ex-Duke of Glendon's Regiment, by any chance? It's the same proposition that is the running theme in "The Way Ahead".

    Doubtless, since men first ran around in groups with sticks and stones to cause harm to other groups of men with sticks and stones, the claim has always been, "They're not as well trained as we were."

    I suspect that the soldiers of today are less smart than some of those in history, and perhaps less well versed on the drill square, but that's because the nature of the training has changed - and it's changed to reflect current situations. So, not necessarily less good, but certainly very different.

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  5. No such thing as a bad soldier only bad leaders!
  6. "The past is a foreign country,they do things differently there"
    L. P. Hartley
  7. I dare say there is probably a case to argue for today's soldiers not being able to improvise as well; I'm saying this purely as an observation of how much better our kit is these days, nothing to substantiate it though. Erm...discuss.

    Thanks to the advent of PS3's and Xbox's, today's soldier probably can't drink as much either. :)
  8. Thanks for the response.
    Yes,Phase 1&2 are the same length,
    What i mean was this......
    In past times,Skills such as FIBUA would have been over a few weeks,in the current enviroment these drills are been cut in order for extra skills needed to deploy straight into theatre.
    So,....if the length of the course is the same!but the sylibus involves more! dose it produce a more rounded soldier??
  9. I would hazard a guess that yesterday's soldier possibly spent more time on the ranges, and less time f#cking about with IT, and being briefed on mandatory H&S, E&D shite...

    But then, I do have rose tinted lenses on prescription.
  10. The best soldiers were the ones that carried SLR's ;-)
  11. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Adult trg coy in the 1970's and 80 was about 18 to 22 weeks depending upon depot etc. You could then be sent to a Bn on ops with a whole 2 weeks NIRRT. So current optag seems to be a bargain really!
  12. Right, so you're talking about pre-deployment training. You said in your first post "When i was in training over 12 years ago", which led me to believe that was the training you were referring to.
  13. Thanks again for the posts fellas,
    Like i say,this is my first thread so thanks for going easy on me!
  14. Horses for courses. Could the squaddies of today handle being unnoticeable in a German wood c/w a crate of beer (each) while a major exercise - training in how to run away - is progressing all around them? I think they should ponder that good and hard.

    Anyway, in the words of one of todays greatest leaders "I think we agree, the past is over."
  15. It was!
    My point was things were slower then!