Is the Smart Phone taking over our lives

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by RearWords, Aug 4, 2011.

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  1. Stating the obvious here but it seems the media have now cottoned on to the fact that we use our phone EVERYWHERE. Is it a curse or a necessity?

    Whilst abroad last year I noticed the good-looking couple at the next table who should have been enjoying each other's company over a romantic dinner but instead she was using her iPhone throughout, He seemed bored and so he should as I would find it undoubtedly the rudest example of mis-manners. Only last weekend I observed a family at breakfast with the male adult of the family balancing his smart phone on his lap whilst tucking into his muesli.

    Conversation across the table has definitely suffered as people appear to be more interested in what their smart phone has to say than the human beings around them.
  2. It's that ******* Angry Birds. They're all playing it. I hate those thieving pigs, they're like Pikeys.
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  3. Come on then. Admit it. Who sends texts or emails while sitting on the bog?

    I have delivered an entire Power Point presentation to people in the Far East and USA while I was perched atop the kahzi, struck down with food poisoning. Not with a smart phone though.
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  4. I'll just ask it and if it allows me, I'll give you the answer it prescribes.

    "Coming master...."
  5. I am inclined to agree, the best you can hope for when the mobile goes off is;

    'Do you mind?'

    Normally its answered with no address to the other people in the room;

    'Hi, yeah I'm there now, not bad, yeah, yeah, no, I know. Bye.'

    How much useful info is sent I reckon is minimal, try this as a time passing game, get one point for every ten people you pass on the street not using a mobile, as in ten in a row, each user resets the count to zero.
  6. All this smart phone malarky on the bog is a bit off.

    You can never be sure whether it's someone whispering sweet nothings to his beloved while laying a log,
    or it's Kandak and his boyfriend going at it in the cubicle.
  7. My God! It's easy to spot the benefit cheats here on Arrse who have been at home all day watching ITV's "Loose Women" - the thread ideas give 'em away.

    Smart phone 'abuse' was one of the lead items today on "Loose Unporkable Even By The Welsh Guards Women", along with comparing feet and talking about make up (I know because I'm a ****).
  8. Undoubtedly the smart phone is a useful tool - there is an apple app for everything. Keeping in touch with loved ones who are not in the same room has been made easy and most beneficial. But the inability to put the phone in one's pocket and enjoy/participate in the real world without resorting to 'twitter' what they are doing at any precise moment in time is fairly disturbing.

    At a friend's house the other day her teenage daughter had her school friends round for lunch. Instead of eating and talking they were all texting - asking whom they were texting they all replied "other friends who weren't here". So a group of teenagers who got together instead of chatting were ignoring each other and texting other friends who weren't there. I don't think it even occurred to them to see the irony in what they were doing.
  9. Of coarse they could just be burying their heads in their phones because that boring old trout that does **** all but moan is round again.

    Just a thought.
  10. I'd say it is changing people's way of life, and not just kids. It nearly changed life permanently for a guy on Monday night, so absorbed was he in his phone that he just walked into the road in front of my car. He didn't even hear me, and my chariot is a noisy whore of a thing.

    While I was on a job in New York, upon getting off the sbway in the morning, there were two distinct speeds of people getting off the trains. Slowcoaches, furiously typing on their phone, and the rest moving at a normal speed. An NYPD cop told me later that the congestion caused by the phone-typers had become known as "The BlackBerry Jam" :)
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  11. No time to reply,me mobile's ringin' LOL
  12. No.

    Sent from Apple iPhone.
  13. Smart phones are great, technology moves so fast.. was only 10 years ago that a phone was a brick, then we had crappy mobile internet, now all of a sudden we have 8mp Camera, full internet, and more apps that you know what to do with.

    Ultimatly.. do we need em... probably not... are they useful.. yes a bit... are they a waste of money.. quite possibly.

    Great fun though. Star Trek here we come.
  14. If the research I read a few months ago turns out to be true then we are going to have a very difficult choice in the very near future.

    Apparently there is evidence to suggest that mobile phone signals may be responsible for Colony collapse disorder which is killing bees all over the world. Which then leads on to no pollination which means no food can be grown.

    If this is true then we will have to choose between turning the mobile phone masts off or starving to death.

    Won't that be fun.

    Study links bee decline to cell phones - CNN
  15. How is it different from spending half your day and most nights on this forum with middle aged, smelly old men munching crisps, rather than play darts down at the pub with real people? It is a choice mate.
    I know plenty people (ok, a few) that do not have mobiles and like it that way. No one forces a smart phone on to you. They are useful and I don't know what I would do without one. It holds my music, podcasts, pictures, it is an electronic wallet, ticket machine etc etc.
    It gives me independence, freedom of movement, safety and peace of mind (I can access e.g. a live feed from my home security camera e.g.) etc etc.
    When I get home it goes on the charger and stays there till I leave the next morning. I don't see the problem...