Is the sentancing system 'too soft'?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by sallyanne09, Aug 20, 2011.

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  1. **** off, fatty.
  2. 'Owing another animal'? I'd say he still owes the first one!
  3. I love how he can't have a cat but he can quite legally be trusted with kids. You couldn't make it up!
  4. Gosh but I am taken aback at the eloquence of your argument and the sincerity in which it was delivered.

    I cannot help but remember 'If you can't answer a man's argument, all is not lost; you can still call him vile names'.
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  5. This is Britain. Vile cruelty meted on a defenceless animal is consider far less of a danger to society than possibly encouraging someone else somewhere to maybe go out and possibly cause a bit of damage to inanimate property.

    Priorities, people. Priorities.
  6. I'll say it is too soft. Commit a crime, get caught, get sent to a holiday camp for a few years which has tv piped into the rooms, get free courses, get good food, a nice warm place to saty, get paid, leave after a few years and get loads of benefits. If you are an immigrant that has killed someone, when you leave you get to stay in the country, get a council house straight away and live happily ever after on benefits.
  7. Sentencing is to soft and prison serves little purpose other than to temporarily (and expensively) remove offenders from the community.

    For what it's worth, 'people' who deliberately torture animals should be looking at the same sentences as those who torture humans. Apart from being utterly vile, they are sadistic time bombs who could easily transfer their aggression to children or vulnerable adults.
  8. Mrs B has worked on the Legal side of child protection; as soon as she saw this she said that she hoped that Social Services would be keeping an eye on the child. Mrs B. reckons that most of the very worst offenders that she has known of have started off in a similar manner
  9. What type of preparation do you think he used and could he recommend a good sauce for the meat. I think that his kids should be pretty safe unless under 3 months because i couldnt get my kids in the microwave.
  10. Your sarcasm aside, I do believe he delivered it with complete sincerity.
  11. The Court will sentence within the sentencing guidelines. If the maximum sentence is quite low then they cannot go above it. I consider what was done deplorable and a pointer to a very sick mind. However you ask if it is worse than incitement to riot? I'm afraid I hold human life far more sacrosanct than animal life.
  12. I work as a PCO am ex Army, everyone involved in the riots is going to prison, the low life
    other custodys do a lot more personal damage and get a lower sentance, we do need more prison places.
  13. Thank God for that; there's nothing worse than an insincere ****.
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  14. Its not the lenght of sentence thats the problem, its the ******* cushy lifestyle when they get there that is.

    I know a bloke who got 14 years for murder. In prison he has some good mates, they play snooker/pool, 5 a side football, cards, work out in the gym everyday.......... in his cell he has a playstation, sky tv so he can watch the football etc. To top it all off, the masses of debt he had before he was sentenced has been wiped out, hes stopped smoking, lost masses of weight, got his body in good shape and hes studying for a degree.

    Apart from not being able to shag women, thats a better ******* lifestyle than I have. Where is the fear factor for criminals, if thats what they have to look forward to in prison? Take away all the luxurys, make them work there arse off day in and day out, get the chain gangs out working in the community etc and problem solved.