Is the Scottish Parliament breaking the Law

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by RoofRat, Nov 3, 2010.

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  1. I notice that a bit of Racism/Bigotry has crept into Scottish legislation.
    Scottish Students get free Scottish university education,other UK citizens who have been living in Scotland for more than 3 years get free Scottish University education,EU citizens coming to Scottish Universities get free places,the English have to Pay?
  2. I was born there and lived there till I was 4 and even I didn't qualify for free uni education. Bastards...
  3. Seems fair to me.
  4. As much as i hate the Scottish Executive I understand them charging english students as other wise they would ALL be up here. Plus all my greek and french friends had to pay im sure.
  5. The Student Awards Agency Scotland will fund any student from an EU member state where they are able to reclaim the costs from the home nation. Because of the damned parochial English funding system which does not allow your students to apply for funding anywhere except their own home Local Education Authority, SAAS is not able to claim back from a student who's ordinarily resident in an English LEA area.

    We had a candidate this year for SAAS's Postgraduate Student's Allowance Scheme (mid thirties, born in Glasgow, moved to Exeter 6 years ago for work/family) rejected for funding because they didn't meet the requirement to be ordinarily resident outside an English LEA area, but at the same time an Englishwoman who'd lived north of the border for over 10 years qualified. It's not a national thing and it's nothing to do with any decision made by anyone in Scotland. It's just the way your own rules work.
  6. Aw diddums.
  7. I read something about this in the Express the other day.I'm sure they did a scaremongering anti-Scottish rant followed by a lesser paragraph which actually told the truth.

    Hold on til I search through my eco-friendly paper-bin and see if Ive still got it.
  8. Found it; its on Page 8 of Monday's Daily Mail actually so I was nearly right. Here it is word for word,the italics and bold in the last paragraph are mine,not theirs:


    An anti-English "tax" will make it harder for students to escape soaring tuition fees by going to a a Scottish university,under plans being drawn up north of the border.
    The Scottish Nationalist Govt is considering charging students from England up to £9000 a year while those who live in Scotland - and anyone coming in from Europe - pay nothing. English students currently pay £1820 a year to go to university in Scotland while those who have lived in the country for at least 3 years have their fees paid by the taxpayer.
    Scottish officials want to bring charges for applicants from south of the border in line with higher fees brought in in England by the Coalition

    Kinda puts a different slant on it eh?

    PS I only bought the Mail because there were no Suns left in the NAAFI.
  9. Even at that, it's rather over-egging the pudding. At worst, all the Scottish Government is doing is not creating an exemption for English students studying in Scotland that they wouldn't get anyway if they studied at home. TBH it might be in our short- to medium-term interest to create an exemption of that sort as it would attract larger numbers of home students north of the border. Whether we could create the capacity to take them is another matter...
  10. Sorry forgot to say,it also includes Wales,and N.I.
  11. Not really this taxpayer is paying for Scottish students to have a free University education,whilst students in the rest of the UK,have to cough up for themselves,sorry thin end of the wedge,do I think this is to protect Scottish students,No,do I think this is another political move by the Scot.Nats,and Alec Kipper,yes.
  12. Thanks for the explanation - it rather defuses the whole rant about the porridge wogs. I must admit, when I saw the story I thought there had to be more to it than met the eye.
  13. rampant

    rampant LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    RR, Wales has the same LEA system as England, NI too, with minor differences. It is not a conspicacy, it is the way the LEA system is set up. Not the fault of the Scottish Unis or SAAS or indeed the Scottish Executive.
  14. To answer your original question, no it is not racist.

    We already have a graduate tax, related to ability to pay. It is currently levied at 20%, 40% and 50%, and there’s no need to set up any costly new bureaucracy to collect it. It’s called income tax.
  15. Ignore the OP - he's a bigoted racist or as we call them in our house, English.