Is the SA80 no longer black and green?

Obviously not. The forward hand guards with rail mounts now come in tan
If you read the latest issue of Kit! Magazine you would find comprehensive instructions for the spray-painting of your L85A3 in Coyote Brown paint...
Wasn't the spray bought in for cam reasons? Think they're defeating the purpose really. Instead of a big chunk of black, theyve now got a big chunk of tan. So....pointless spraying it in the first place?

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You have 2 people in a field. One is wearing lightweighs and woolly pully. The other is one of Herefords finest straight off the balcony. Which one will be easier to spot?

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This is an extract from the article in KiT 82:

SSP Lethality Team has procured Coyote Brown removable weapon paint for use on Small Arms. Initially this paint will only be fielded to troops deployed or about to deploy on OP HERRICK. This paint is cleared for use on weapons that will be carried by the dismounted soldier and will decrease the likelihood of detection when wearing MTP clothing. It is only to be used on the following weapons:

SA80 (IW, LSW & Carbine),
Combat Shotgun
.338 Sniper Rifle,
Sharpshooter / Sniper Support Weapon,

It's all on ArmyNet.
To be logistically correct it should be L85A2B1.
And that's what I've seen it referred to as well because it is another variation of the basic weapon system. IIRC, a particular issue of Kit! Magazine described it as such too. Given that I don't have access to the Pams at home, I will have to check next time that I am in...
People can refer to it what they like but it is still designated as Rifle 5.56mm L85A2.

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