Is the RMT Union on drugs?

I find it quite bizarre that the unions are, at this time trying to throw their weight around.

What I find even more annoying and insensitive is their timing.

Who is their target? I cannot and do not believe that they are seriously trying to get reinstated the two morons they seem to be hanging the reason for the strike on. The deal that they are being offered is a hell of a lot better than most are getting. Is this some daft attempt to take the media pressure (even in the sort term) from our GLORIOUS LEADER?

Is this a rather stupid attack on Boris or an even more idiotic attack on the City of London and those that are paid a finance type salary?

Either way, all I see in this is the stupidity of Unions and the demented effect that will be their short and medium effect on London industry.

Fools..... :roll:
harareboy99 said:
They are dirty Communists and should die a horrible death.
Yes Haraboy99, all people in unions are communists :roll:

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