Is the r sigs museum the worst museum do you know of worse

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by smoojalooge, Apr 16, 2005.

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  1. leave them alone it was nice of them to donate the fire rover to the guard room

  2. yes

  3. no

  4. museum what museum i thought that was the future projects department

  1. Is the R Sigs museum the worst you've ever seen do you know of worse answers on a postcard
  2. Actually mate it is without a doubt the best Royal Signals Museum that I have ever seen.

    Any comparisons before the chuntering begins????
  3. pmsl a good point, it's just whenever i'm in there it reminds me of my cr's.

    Must try harder to reach full potential
  4. Calm down smoojalooge there's no way any museum could be as bad as your CR's. :lol:
  5. Ok Smoojy why dont you tell us what you feel is wrong with the Corps museum and what would you like to see changed (bulldozed for more parking is not the answer!)

  6. The only reason you got a good cr is cos they didn't take your bpfa score into account:twisted:

    and i wasn't counting my last cr cos the museum doesn't deserve that much slating
  7. .............and the Yeoman Burgers taste fcuk all like a Yeoman
  8. i think the sign for the cafe advertising big baps should be moved to the front i made me want to go in
  9. And how do you know what a Yeoman tastes like?????
  10. wait out
  11. G3Ops and smoojalooge baiting aside

    I always felt the museum was very old fashioned, everything crammed into glass cases and stuck behind velvet ropes. Real estate is a major issue and everything could do with beink spread out. The Cr@ppy kit situated around the place could do with replacing and the general atmosphere inside could do with brightening up. It seems boring because it looks boring. I'd like to know how many visitors it attracts a year though.
  12. covers a large chunk of the problem most museum are now far more interactive. plus there is a lot that in there not relevant to the corps and lot of random bits of scrap metal lying around ( and i don't mean the 43 outside)
  13. You know how it goes, quiet on shift in the Ops cell, somethings got to happen to while the hours away :wink:


    p.s. the Museum is fine and dandy - a smile out of the girls in the cafe wouldnt go amis, and turn that bloody looped tape of morse off.
  14. :( Ok, so the Corps museum does leave a little to be desired. The problem I have found is that Jo Public doesn't like going through the hassle of the grumpy MGS bloke taking their photo, or the chance encounter with numerous schoolboy soldiers who seem to loiter in the museum shop/entrance. We had some friends who visited and experienced both of the above. They enjoyed the museum but felt uncomfortable when NAAFI break turned into a feeding frenzy and they were asked if they'd finished as "I've got lessons to go too and need a brew first". Surely the museum can do a little better - cant they? :cry:
  15. We are not a sexy Corps, we communicate. Therefore it's inevitable that the Corps Museum isn't full of Sherman tanks, flame throwers and suchlike and does contain (funnily enough) comms gear, which ain't sexy and where there is a link (however tenuous) to something exciting, the curators have tried to make the best of it. I would like to think that most of us in the Sigs have a bit more Esprit de Corps than displayed by smoojalooge; taking the opportunity of dissing it just for the sake of it doesn't achieve much. What's your point? If you've got some suggestions then next time the SOinC(A) is in town then tell him you concerns. When we are old n wrinkly the Chavs of today will be taking their kids round and I expect the Burberry wearing scrotes will take great glee in turning to the guy that gives his mum some cash every week and saying "Wayne (as obviously it won't be the kids dad) these 501/Cossor/Ptarmigan/Triffid displays are cr*p, can't we go to the Museum of Army Dentistry for something interactive?"