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Is the pope catholic lol? Likes Instagram lingerie model

Is the pope catholic I ask as Pope Franciscus been caught out liking a lingerie model on Instagram. She is enough to tweak the loins of a devout catholic priest for sure.



Book Reviewer
Not, by ANY chance a succesful PR stunt to bring the shapely Natalia Gaudybotti to a wider circle of admirers?

[ Just askin', like -for a very cynical pal who has worked at close quarters with the vile Fourth Estate previously ?]

I'll get my Kleenex....
Its obviously not true, who do you know in the Catholic church that are interested in females over the age of consent?
If it had been a 9 year old boy modelling his school uniform, I'd believe it.


Book Reviewer
Give them time @Raven2008 ...never mind the Black Helicopters....



Book Reviewer
Not much of a model, her @rse is that big you can't see the pants.....

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