Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by bitterandtwisted, Jan 3, 2010.

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  1. yes its fucked and I like the outrage moped

  2. no we can add rollerskates to the VOR BUS and get the REME to fack it up some more

  1. Personally I think the bus has been worn out now. In light of this I give you the outrage moped ladies and gents.


    The reason is as follows due to defence overspending, overuse of the bus from the folowing reasons:

    Extreme Islamsist/BNP/NF and any racist orginization

    Broon and his el-cunto gobment

    Z list celebs and prententious people who are above themselves

    Chav scumbags goody et Jordan as white trash examples

    Just smattering of what we have suffered in the noughties

    So my friends whats your opinion - what replacement vehicle should we have? Or are you content with the outrage moped due the above overusage.
  2. well we thought that about our old mini-bus but then out of the blue we get a brand new one, along with a cd player

  3. why is gareth southgate,s head on the front?
  4. thats not gareth southgate! that's someone from the dead pool
  5. Or we could stop posting 9 threads a day on how the bus is VOR? Why not start your own trend and lament the demise of the sofa and popcorn machine?
  6. gazza maybe?
  7. perhaps, it looks like the skull of a retard
  8. It would certainly make a change from the apparently broken record player we seem to have just now.

    Fine, have it your way Middle Britain - Muslims are Bad and it's not really racist to immediately envisage brown skin and Arab manners every time you hear the word Islam.

    Any political view that doesn't start and stop with 'letting you do whatever you feel like regardless of consequences to others, while stopping others doing same when it effects you' is Wrong , Evil and Socialist' and therefore must be the work of Neue Liabore/The Devil.

    Jeremy Clarkson really would make a good PM despite being unable to articulate anything a Sun reader can't understand.

    The way to resolve the country's problems is to stick our collective fingers in our ears and pretend it's still the '50s.

    Happy now?
  9. Instant O2 tag for any fucker who calls for the outrage bus due to being the dimwitted, intolerant, kneejerk reactionist, fuckwits that they (usually) are.

  10. I thought that the OB had been nicked in Liverpool-ages ago?
  11. and left on bricks before being burned out, oh sorry, that was Ulsterbus :D
  12. How about you just ram an earth spike through your head?
  13. Maybe the problem is 2 fold.

    1. Whenever anyone puts a post on here, sensible or not about politics, race, religion, walts or someone not liking soldiers, half of Arse shout to get the outrage bus out.

    2. Whenever anyone puts a post on here, sensible or not about politics, race, religion, walts or someone not liking soldiers, the other half of Arse shout not to bother getting the outrage bus out.