Is the outrage bus POL'd

a) It's the Scum.

b) A shopkeeper can surely refuse to serve anyone he wishes.

c) If the corner shop was also an off licence, it may be the policy not to serve people in uniform and someone got their comms a little mixed up.

d) It's in the Scum!
So after reading the article it transpires it was a mistake and misunderstanding by the shop owner.

Cue knee-jerk legislation and madly overpopulated outrage bus.


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Anyway, the outrage bus is being used by us Crusties to get to Arrse HQ to complain about losing our Old n Bold forum. :)
Who wears uniform on leave tho.....
Outrage bus is on task, chasing a SSAFA worker who embezzled £53k. The LAD say when it gets back, its overdue for a service and there's a peculiar whining sound coming from the passenger compartment...
What do you expect? Nobody has first paraded or last paraded that poor vehicle properly for yonks - it's been in and out of the Outrage Wing hangars like it was going out of fashion!

Oh and the MTO has had a look at the work ticket and would dearly love to know who M.Mouse, Capt RLC is, as he has been possibly the most prolific authoriser of the OB's use in recent months.

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