is the OTC a drinking club?

Discussion in 'OTC' started by twowheelspete, Jan 2, 2007.

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  1. does the OTC cater for non alcoholics?
  2. I've known one or two tee-totalers in the OTC, one female through personal choice, but didn't last long as she didn't even like being around people drinking, and one male, muslim so not drinking through religion. He was fine but regularly told us we were all going to hell ro our drinking and debauchery.

    If you make a big deal of your not drinking then people are more likely to try and "get" you.
  3. Mine did. It invented these things called Guards. Non-drinkers were awarded Guards and went to a special Guard-room where they prepared for all the happy fallout that came from people unlucky enough not to be on-guard and who had resorted to drink.

    These guardspeople rapidly became envious of the happy drinkers who didn't have to sleep on a plastic mattress all night with a pick-handle. They attended special night classes run in drinking by their university and emerged as seasoned experienced drinkers. They wisely didn't pass on their new-found knowledge to new volunteer guards, because if there were not enough non-drinkers to mount guards, then unlucky drinking-types would be picked for this sorry duty.

    It is a simple and beautiful thing, as old as nature itself.
  4. Well I was at Glasgow (& S U.O.T.C) back in the day.... longer ago than I would care to admit. (late 80's, early 90's)

    And I have to say there were a few non-drinkers around, and I was (initially) one of them.... Although, obviously, there was more of a drinking attitude, I was not ridiculed or unduly pressured regarding my non-drinking status.

    Think it was towards the end of my first year that I decided to have the odd tipple and it was actually while out at the Strathclyde Union and not OTC related, albeit with a group of friends from the OTC.

    alas on that particular occasion I ended up puking over the tables in Dunkin Donuts in the wee small hours, and followed that up with vomit hosing the toilets in the nearby Baird Hall. oh well, you live and learn. :oops:
  5. heh thanks.. I'm not (quite) tee-total, just value my liver
  6. yeah - wouldnt worry about it tbh.

    even once I did drink it was still only occasionally (although normally to complete bladderdom on those occasions)... mostly it was Diet Coke and fresh orange as I was quite into running and all that malarky.

    it was never a problem. At times I did an extra stint as duty JUO/Officer as it made little difference to me - was still at the party, just wasnt drinking, and it meant some more alcohol loving mate could get himself/herself rat-arsed.
  7. If you don't want to drink then don't! I think as long as you are not a completly boring, lecturing git who sits there and tells everyone they are drinking too much and making tits of themselves it's fine!!
    I do drink, but I am just as happy not drinking. And having someone who doesn't drink is always usefull to aid getting home etc
    And you will also be the one who is able to remember all the embarressing moments and capture them on camera!!
  8. Journo or Student Union soap-dodger?
  9. My money's on a SU soap-dodger looking for anti-UOTC ammo. Quick, somebody post the OTC Mission Statement!

    Drinking isn't the be-all and end-all of 'Army Club' life, but it does help 'oil' the great social machine.
  10. What a stupid statement, are you asking if UOTC bars serve soft drinks or if they cater for people who aren't alcoholics?

    If so yes they do serve soft drinks, if you are asking if not drinking in a UOTC Mess is looked down on then NO. As a very minor part of the TA the UOTCs fully support armys' moderate and sensible drinking policy.

    As with the rest of life is's your choice!
  11. cheers Pompey_Jock and all, that's what I was getting at

    ah ****, busted.. check tomorrows Guardian for the report

    yeah that's what I should have asked
  12. it was a question!
  13. If you spent more time drinking and less time thinking then you would enjoy life more twowheelspete.
  14. If it is a club, I want my membership card.

    Maybe, just everything we do seems to involve alcohol. And nudity. Like the toga party...
  15. Bennet, you have a very bizzare signature block!

    Why would you want to have various photos of mutilated OTC?