Is the OJAR system working?

Are you a future General or just a general disappointment?

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Select from the above your last OJAR grade - and be honest - so we can get an idea of how people are being graded.

Does anyone know of any good OJAR quotes yet (not from CRs - heard 'em all before)?
Bl**dy hell!

I know only ten people have voted, but it's an early lead for the "B+"!

This is a great idea for a poll. I shall watch the accumulation of raw data with great interest.

IF - without wishing to seem a relentlessly optimistic apologist for the Army and all its sneaky trickery, I'd be astonished if it weren't that high - we aren't an Army that makes a habit of recruiting dross, regardless of what certain bitter ARRSErs might say.

IMHO the whole OPG piece is flawed for 2 reasons; firstly, it is so subjective as to be almost meaningless (which is why they are only given cursory examination on boards); and secondly, you need to get your 2* (or appropriate higher authority where relevant**) to approve an A grade, which tends to put off an amazing number of 2ROs from giving that grade, even for the truly deserving.

Interestingly, the phenomenon of 'creeping excellence' is already being seen, as the effective value of a 'B+' - which is still jolly good after all - is being reduced, as more and more people feel they deserve the elusive 'A' grades, as their intrinsic self-worth is not being met by this system, which is the whole purpose of OJAR, I believe.

The farcical days of 'High Excellent' are coming back at pace, it seems!

*"The exact wordology escapes me momentarily!
Two years running I was given all of mine back and asked to reduce the grades because we, "Weren't putting forward the profile expected by Bde!" I was starting to think my name was Wind-Your-Neck-In especially when for my own I asked what I would need to do to improve the grades and was told nothing. So when you say B, Sir, that's really an A because no-one gets an A. Exactly, replies my 1st RO - and 2nd RO for the ones he'd returned to me.

I now ignore the grades and go straight to the pen-picture.
^Ah but now your CO has seen you in THE Tie and you've done such an amazing job with the socks, don't think you can still claim mediocrity in these forums ;)
Correct - and I don't think you're mediocre, and neither does anyone else whose been through the blood, sweat and tears of combat with you.

**Pause to look moodily into the middle distance**

Chin up, fruit! :)
One interesting point to note is the variations in reports coming back from Reg Army about their attached TA personnel. Interesting that in a few short years we've gone from "everyone gets nice words because it doesn't really matter anyway" to absolute chapter and verse because it really does.
When JPA comes in with the new appraisal system there will be no OPG and the assessment will be entirely on pen picture and potential gradings.

It was interesting a couple of years ago to see captains hitting the Beige List with Bs over some of their contemporaries with B+s (really as it should be - the OPG is for how you've done your current job not your potential). Though I have noticed that excellence creeps in when you need to get certain grades for key courses.
Am delighted to report that I got an A- last time round (helped by the fact that my 2RO was also a 2*) but that was on Ops and yet still a full OJAR, not an insert slip.

Am now getting ready to slide back into the grey.

Bring it on...............................
For those of you who have sat on soldier promotion boards at MCM Div, I suspect that the OJAR grade means as much as a soldiers grade does:

FCKU all to the board
But it can be a nice pat on the back to a soldier who did better than his mates.

Apparantly several MCM Divs tried to get them dropped for all ranks a few years ago but it was veto'd by the Inf and Gunners. So come on all you G1 Inf and Gunner types, why are they so important to you?
mmm. Different figures to the ones my MCM Div Colonel quoted. Years of querying why I am a ten year graduate Lt answered in a jiffy. Nice one ARRSE..........
For some odd reason, report writers think that giving a B+ is okay fully aware of the fact that awarding and A means that CGS will know the inside leg measurement and favourite colour of the officer in question.

As such, the creep in grades has hit the buffers at B+ now making that the "avergae" grade. The new system did the trick in not awarding As to everyone but has still not stopped the creeping grades.

Unless of course the majority of ARRSE pax are the above average individuals.
2 B or not 2 B?

My boss gives everyone a B unless they are clearly either useless - C+ - or obviously should be promoted immediately - B+.

Rather alarming to see so many B+'s - as a matter of record I was promoted on a B.
hamster_man said:
Rather alarming to see so many B+'s - as a matter of record I was promoted on a B.
I agree with you about the alarming no of B+'s ham. As a matter of record I was promoted on a cse report.

The one thing a recent presentation forced down our necks was that the grade is almost irrelevant to everyone except the subject officer. I have never sat on an officers' promotion board, but from attending soldiers' boards can say that it's very easy to spot the person whose write-up doesn't hold up against the grade.
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