Is the NI PATROL PACK from britkit genuine issue or a copy?


Britkit are Rangemaster by and large.
if you want an NI Daysack, you will find a Genuine one in Brand New condition, often still in the bag, at half that price on the mighty eBay.

with regards to BritKit... apply some common sense.

what are the actual chances of a company online stocking seemingly unlimited quantities of every piece of Genuine British Army issue PLCE kit at reasonable prices???

unless it was a really-really-really well connected, yet really nice, QM operating out the back door of his stores; or a major backhand operation at Bicester... i can't see it happening.
and if you're willing to spend £70 on a brand new daysack that after a few weekends in the field will be G1 anyway, you're either...

Really Rich
or a cadet

oh yes, you're a cadet.

the aforementioned daysack from the last thread you started is going cheap though.

rather than starting a new thread for every question, you may wish to put your questions all in one thread.

as i'm in a half-productive mood, I suggest you start a new thread called 'cadet needs rucksack please help' and describe what you want, what you need it for, how much money mummy and daddy are willing to give you and so forth, and im sure you'll get all your answers in one thread.

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