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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Skynet, Sep 8, 2007.

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    09:30 - 08 September 2007

    Soldiers fighting in Afghanistan are to be awarded the Freedom of the City of Derby.

    A motion has been put to a special meeting of Derby City Council to grant the honour to the 2nd Battalion, Mercian Regiment (Worcester and Foresters).

    The meeting will be held at the council chamber on Wednesday, September 12, and it is expected to be passed unanimously.

    This will follow tradition: the Sherwood Foresters were originally given the honour in 1946 and again in 1970, when they merged to become the Worcestershire and Sherwood Foresters.

    At the same time, Pauline Latham, the Mayor of Derby, will be asked to write to the commanding officer of the regiment currently serving in Afghanistan to offer the council's best wishes for a safe and successful tour of duty.

    She said: "Granting these brave soldiers the freedom of the city is something that I will be very pleased to do. We all feel very proud of the regiment, not just because they are our regiment but because of the incredible work they are doing out in Afghanistan and have previously done on other tours of duty.

    "I am sure that this move will meet with unanimous support, not just from my fellow councillors, but from the people of Derby."

    So far, five members of 2nd Battalion Mercian Regiment (Worcester and Foresters) have lost their lives during the tour, which began in March.

    This week, 18-year-old Private Ben Ford, who lived in Derby, and Private Damian Wright, 23, from Mansfield, were killed while taking part in a routine patrol near Lashkar Gah in Helmand Province.

    The regiment has also lost Captain Sean Dolan, 40, from Chester; Lance Corporal Paul Sandford, 23, from Hucknall, Nottinghamshire; and 21-year-old Drummer Thomas Wright, from Ripley.
  2. This was on the Afghan thread from Royalanglianmum

    08 September 2007 06:30

    England's top cricketers showed their support for East Anglia's soldiers by wearing wristbands in their honour during a recent Test match, it emerged last night.

    The gesture of solidarity, which went almost unnoticed, happened from July 19 to 23 during the first Test against India at Lord's.

    The team publicly displayed solidarity with the Royal Anglian Regiment, which has suffered nine deaths and more than 50 injuries since being deployed to Helmand province in Afghanistan in April.

    Among the England players who turned out for the exciting drawn Test were Michael Vaughan, Kevin Pietersen, Monty Panesar and Alistair Cook.

    The bands, which are dark blue with the words “proud to support our troops” in yellow and a union flag on either side, were designed by students at Stamford School in Lincolnshire.

    Pupils, many of whom are from service families, persuaded the team to wear the wristbands as it became clear how perilous the battle against insurgents was becoming.

    The youngsters are selling the wristbands on the internet to raise money for the Royal Anglian Afghanistan Memorial Fund.

    The fund is for the families of those killed, and to give financial aid to those who have been injured. It aims to enable soldiers to continue their military careers, rather than being medically discharged from the Army.

    Stamford School housemaster Richard Brewster said the school had one of the largest combined cadet forces in the country, and two of the teachers were ex-servicemen, including a Falklands veteran.

    This inspired the youngsters, who designed their own website - - to sell the bands, which cost £2 plus postage. Orders are flooding in from across the UK and beyond.

    Mr Brewster said: “We have received wonderful support from the England cricket team who wore them this summer in the Test series with India.

    “The website has produced great interest and the majority of sales are from parents, friends and relations of service personnel serving with the Royal Anglian Regiment in Afghanistan, who have had a very difficult time.

    “We are getting a lot of hits and we have even had a request from America today, so the word is getting around,”

    Anyone wanting to donate to the fund can make cheques payable to CB 1 R Anglian and send them to Major R.C. Barrett, Treasurer, 1 R Anglian Afghanistan Memorial Fund, Elizabeth Barrack, Pirbright, Surrey, GU24 0DT.
  3. Can you order online???
  4. If so can someone flag it up.
  5. What exactly does the "freedom of the city" mean? just asking cos I'm curious.

    Safe return lads
  6. Its a old historical honour given to the military to march through the city with bayonets fixed and bands playing. Often followed by a civic reception for a job well done. Its a common award given by many towns and cities throughout UK.
  7. It means that the Regiment is free to march through the town, bands playing, swords drawn and bayonets fixed.

    Or words to that effect.

    The only time a military unit could do this, with out the freedom, is when they had just defeated it and were about to rape and pillage!!!!
  8. And more Regiments should be granted the honour for the stirling work they are doing abroad.
  9. Sixty

    Sixty LE Moderator Book Reviewer
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    It's probably because it's Derbyshire.

    If I recall correctly from the various news stories over recent months it's that county that have pushed to have a new housing development named after a killed RMP soldier and also a church memorial.

    Would that others followed their example.

    Edit to add links:

    Link 1
    Link 2
  10. Just ordered 4 dead easy to do. My daughter then said she won't be allowed to wear them at school.

    God help any teacher who tries pc crap over this. If teachers want to support ragheads then p*ss off over to them but in UK we support the troops.
  11. Well lets see then if she is banned it will be headlines in no short time.
  12. There was a report shown on my local tv news yesterday, a battalion of the Yorkshire Regt exercising the right to march through Beverley. At least I think it was Beverley, as I didn't catch all of the report. I didn't hear which Bn it was either, but they were just back from Iraq. Bayonets fixed etc, good on 'em.

    Ought to be more of it, the vast majority of the British people do support the Army, especially in time of war, but the Army has become virtually invisible. B*gger the cultural sensitivities, it's the British Army marching on British streets.
  13. Just ordered 4 as well
  14. Ordered two, asked that only one be sent to compensate for extra postage to Australia.