Is the lunar cycle efffing up gay mens Gaydar?

I was out and about in town the other night and I was with 3 lads and 4 girls.. we did the rounds as usual and ended up in the Superstar Boudior in Liverpool... mainly gay club.. but good choons never any trouble.. so its a nice refreshing change... any ways we all decide to leave and we are outside waiting for straglers as usual when this mincer comes straight up to me and says "I want to suck your c**k"... among other things :oops: ....

Erm... do I look gay?... 18 and a half stone meat head with a baldy bonce.. All me mates pissed themselves laughing and I was just stood there considering my options.

1. Slap it.

2. get me appendage out.

3. Scream like a girl and run away.

4. Say nothing and slip him me number on the sly.

5. Graciously decline and feel flattered.

6. Arrange to meet in a club later and dont turn up..

I went for option 5...

Funny thing is when I got home and told me mrs she fell in a heap laughing... I asked why are you laughing and she went... if we ever split up you could go gay

The guy must have been on some kind of fat bloke outreach program... or just fancied a bit of strange... VERY STRANGE!.

Aaaw bless him... his gaydar must have been playing up.
Erm... do I look gay?... 18 and a half stone meat head with a baldy bonce

That screams G.A.Y to me :D

Just jokin' love :wink:
Did being there in a pair of chaps with your arrse exposed have anything to do with it?
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