Is the Int Corps for me??

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by shadow7373, Nov 12, 2006.

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  1. Hi.
    Ive recently started university, reading aerospace engineering and fully intend on joining the forces in the future. However, i am considering leaving to join the Army. I have a little experience with the military, ex-cadet of about 5 years service.
    My GCSEs were good: 3 A*, 5 As,3 Bs. My A-Levels were ok: 3Cs

    To keep this short i have two questions:
    1. Would it be advisable to stay in university?/Is it possible to do an in-service degree?

    2. Does the Int. Corps offer a good balance between intellectual and physical development? If not which Corps do?

    3. Some people have mentioned there is some back-stabbing in order to climb the promotions ladder. How would you describe the everyday working relationships within the corps?

    Any help is much appreciated, Thanks.
  2. Good job Int stands for Intelligence not Intelligent.
  3. 1. Depends on what you want to achieve. You could do an OU degree on your own time while serving, but it would probably only be relevant when you come to leave the army. Only you know if you can afford/can be arsed to stay on and go to Uni. With a somewhat specialised degree like yours, you'd probably be well placed to join as a REME officer or some such on completion.

    2. Yes I think so. There is also plenty of choice and challenging courses you can do if you so choose.

    3. Its no worse than any other branch of the army - indeed, its better in a lot of respects because by nature the Int Corps has a lateral promotion path as opposed to a pyramid. If you keep your nose clean and try not to be too arsed about stealing a jump on everyone (although there are some of those types about), promotion is steady and comes quickly enough, no backstabbing involved and you don't acquire a reputation as a cnut. As far as everyday working relationships go, its all personality driven, as is life. However, having been out a couple of years, I can say that the working relationships are generally very good, with a few rare exceptions of stupid people in charge (Normally "thrusting" young officers who think they know better than their SNCO's and try to act like they are in a bullshitty regiment, hence pissing off all and sundry, or scared of getting out rankers aspiring to be such).
  4. There is alwasy the option of joining 3MI Btn, which is TA.

    Quite a few are students.

    A very professional set up who have little, if any restrictions on MTD's.

    A good choice if you want to do both.
  5. Thanks Zoid
    The University debt is a big worry I'm going to be about £20000 (=a lot of beer) in debt after my course!! I was afraid the degree would force me to be streamed into the REME or AAC, suppose I'll just have to see how it goes. So far as the officer thing goes ill wait a while to learn how to "push myself to the fore" (according to the RAF Selection Board :x )

    what type of courses are on offer?? (Apologies if that question violates any codes confidentiality)
  6. blue-sophist

    blue-sophist LE Good Egg (charities)

    Keep trying the RAF, as you seem to have done already. Small sub-Branch of Admin, reasonable prospects long-term, nice people [no green slime abuse on a daily basis [weekly is max allowable :lol: ]].

    I feel for your uncertainty, seriously. It's the rest of your life. Thank God I'm past that stage, but can still remember all the agonies of indecision.

    Follow your heart, and bear your talents before you?
  7. LMAO...Cheers, Puttees- coffee all over the screen...nearly fookin choked and my eyes are streaming! Excellent!
  8. It won't streamline you per-se, however, I'd be surprised if after completion of it, they didn't try to put pressure on you to go that way.

    As mentioned by Guvnor, the TA might be a way to tide you over through university while getting a feel for the Int Corps. I'm just not entirely sure about how much stock to place on his "professional setup" comment :lol:
  9. Your grasp of algebraic theorems will stand you in excellent stead. You must reallise now that Nobody expects the Intelligence Corps :!:

    In our armoury we have two main weapons
  10. We're as professional as the regs who train us and work with on ops .... (*)

    If I was you I'd choose the TA rather than the OTC. Larger bounty and a more rewarding job. (Although get to know people in the OTC for invites to functions and a chance at some casual sex).

    3 MI is full of students, graduates and so on - but by no means exclusively - and you'll fit in. If you're at Uni in London you're laughing, a tube ride or two to the TAC for evenings and to catch the transport for weekends. You can do it living all over the country but I guarantee you'll get bored of travelling.

    I've worked with the RAF Int Reserves before now and they're OK if you like that sort of thing - but you will be stretched far, far less physically. Well, not even slightly extended if the ones I've met are an accurate guide. And for me to say that it must be bad.

    (*) What just happened ? Did I bite ? Damn !
  11. yes, you bit.

    i would like to speak out in defence of 3 MI Bn here. personally i think they are invaluable personnel, and every section should have one of their TA soldiers on strength.

    brews don't just make themselves, you know :)
  12. Is the Int Corps for me??

    I'm still asking that question after 20 years!
  13. No they don't! Get a move on!

    Tea, Nato, post options for change for me please.
  14. Don't worry you are not alone, the doubts will never leave you. There are guys at ICA AGMs who last served in the 60's who are still asking the question.