Is the Home Secretary just skimming the surface?

John Reid said on Sunday Am this morning that the biggest threats to Britain were currently Crime, International Terrorism and Mass Migration.

As for the first point - thanks for that.

International Terrorism - well he rebutted the arguments about the war in Iraq being the couse of this, and made some good points vis-a-vis Afghanistan, but what he didn't comment on was we are doing about it.

Mass Migration - his take was - As long as as many that come into the country leave then it will be controllable - thanks for that Einstein, he also said there was no harm in it so long as the ones that arrive contribute to the GNP. Huh, forgive me if this is taken with an extreme large portion of salt, but I don't see politicians falling over themselves to ensure that the Immigration and Nationality Department can get all their sh1t in one sock and can actively start accounting for the buggers.

Was he just skimming the surface and prevaricating like most politicians do?
Skimming the surface. Don't know why but my mind turned this up as a process used at sewage farms.

In that context - yes. He is skimming the surface.

We receive 1,000 pikie originals. 500 nurses ship out,
We receive 2,000 can't fight - won't fight. 150 soldiers ship out to OZ and NZ.

It is nothing to do with numbers. Were I also a racist in addition to being a bigot, I would add that it further dilutes whatever made this country a place these dipsticks wish to come to.

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