Is the High Street as we know it doomed?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by re-stilly, Nov 25, 2011.

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  1. I have a sneaky suspicion that there will be a lot of retail companies going tits up in the new year, not necessarily the small independent trader but the larger national companies. Over the last week we have had BHS, Burtons etc. announcing closures, Thomas Cook are close to going tits up, Dixons and PC World again suffering massive losses and now Blacks (outdoor wear) are in trouble as well.

    Could this see the end of the generic high streets and shopping centres and a return to small local shops or just the rise and rise of Tesco's et al?
  2. Online shopping, high rates in city centres, parking costs, out of town shopping centres.
    Town centres are for charity shops and Wetherspoons.
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  3. If, or rather when, High Street disappears as we know then alot of blame will be with local councils. The idea that anyone driving a car is evil and should be restricted and charged in every way possible is already having its effect. Couple that with the planning agreements that they like from developers then it's, High Street out - Tesco in.
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  4. I won't mourn PC World. They overcharged massively and employ people who know more about warranties than the products they sell.

    Handy for going to get touchy-feely with something then buying it on the net though. ;-)

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  5. At least I can get my clothes and a beer then, but I think you could be right. Saffron Walden is mainly Charity shops, Hairdressers and Estate agents and yes there is a Weatherspoons.
  6. just on the Tesco ruling the world thing someone told me recently (so this may be bollocks but the more i think about it believable) that out of every £ spent in retail in Inverness 80p goes to Tesco. this is thanks to the fact that its got pretty much total domination supermarket wise. there's got to be dodgy council stuff going on here, ASDA have been trying and failing to open a store there for years.
  7. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    Yes, but out of every £ spent in retail in Inverness, 99p of it is spent on Buckfast and Carlsberg Special Brew.
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  8. The high street will change, as it's always done, what pisses me off is the fact I'd like to buy from a shop support local business and all that and am willing to pay that little bit extra. But I'll be fooked if I'm paying double for the privelage rather than buy online.
    I can't understand the mindset of companies that seem oblivious of the internet, they however asume that everyone else is too.
  9. Local shops aren't profiteering - thats why so many of them are doomed. The High Street is principally being destroyed by tax (business rates, car parking, employment costs, etc).
  10. I think Nationally it is something like £1 in £7 is spent in Tesco's, so could easily believe that for Inverness. Tesco's is also a massive land owner, buying up farmland and hoping it can turn it into stores and towns.

    Will small shops come in to fill the gaps left by the nationals when they go bust, being as it is difficult to get a loan for next to anything at the moment all I can see is a mass of empty shops
  11. buckfast isnt the same breakfast staple up north as it is in the central belt, i seem to recall being weaned on giant bottles of cider
  12. The post about councils banning cars from the town centre and charging a fortune to park is the main issue here. They make it impossible for small independent retails to compete in the town centre when they allow 'the big 4' to build huge megamarkets out of town with enough parking the whole of the army's green fleet.

    I live in Doncaster, auguably the best market town in the country with the best market(thats official, we got an award)and the council here did its level best to **** over all the market traders in the 90's in the view of flattening the market and its buildings, most of which date from the victorian era, and selling the land to the highest bidder. Thankfully, most of the traders, some of who have had a pitch for generations, dug their heels in and refused to budge. Only now is the market starting to get back to something like the state it was in 20 years ago. And in fairness to the present council thats because of massive investment in the buildings and infrastructure.

    The only was to stop the big 4 takingover the world is to stop using them, unfortunatley I can go to the local asda or tesco or whoever it may be and buy everything i need, I believe this is called a monopoly, well of sorts, and until we as consumers break their hold on the market then our high streets will continue to suffer.
  13. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    Tramp fuel is tramp fuel, whatever the flavour.
  14. IIRC Blacks is part of the Millets, Hawkshead & Regatta group (unless i stand corrected) which also owns the Craghoppers brand, of which the latter of the brands has done quite well since Keith Black took over the reigns,

    However Mr green has made less than subtle hints to landlords over their inflexibility in lowering lease rates, possibly a warning order....
  15. hang on, are you insinuating that spending 99p of every £ on the creature is a bad thing? i thought we were just discussing weapons of choice.