Is the HAC role being changed ?

Discussion in 'Gunners' started by blackbelyscaley, Aug 12, 2008.

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  1. Aswell as being told that all our Bowman kit is being taken away theres lots of rumours about our role being changed, no more patrols just fsts. I am in sig sqn. What is that going to mean for us ?
  2. GunnersQuadrant

    GunnersQuadrant LE Moderator

    Learn 117 fast :)
  3. And Learn that no matter who is in charge of the FST, the FAC is by far the hardest, best looking, most intelligent guy in the FST and you should all bow down to his superior capabilities. To quote someone else on here "Guns for Show, Fast Air for a pro!!"

  4. Pray enlighten the rest of us? 117 :?:
  5. No Wah, Good

    Here you go then

    Taken out this linky... GQ sorry :)
  6. Thank you for enlightening me
  7. GunnersQuadrant

    GunnersQuadrant LE Moderator

    Yes, please choose the FAC if you need support within the next 15 minutes, possibly on a platform which is not loaded for the task correctly. Alternatively ask the FST boys if they could possibly get you a GMLRS round (if out of range of the guns FB) and place it upon Terrys head. Faster... cheaper... accurate.... The FAC boys wont like the fact they have been usurped by a ground platform for the majority of TiC's :)
  8. Out of interest is that happening or is the reliance on air ?
  9. msr

    msr LE

    I take it you have not read August's Gunner Magazine?

  10. Touche!! Is the GMLRS being used in Theatre? What is the max vertex of the rounds? Don't they get up there with the Civvi jets? Would be a bit dodgey that, wouldn't want to knowck a 747 out of the sky!

    PS. Understand why you removed the link but It was found by imputting Harris117 into google. So nothing that shouldn't be out there
  11. After I broke into a cold sweat thinking that I had caused an OPSEC breach by asking what "117" signified.I too googled "prc 117" and was instantly rewarded with all the information needed to bring down the evil Kaffir West for the glory of Allah (and very interesting it was too).We have really moved on from the C13 and B47 8O
  12. If civvi 747s are flying over Afghanistan (a war zone after all) I would be very surprised - don't they divert air lanes from over those areas?

    They are using GMLRS and from buddies that have used recently/are now, it is very effective.

    Don't forget that FSTs give the whole package - guns, MLRS, air and aviation, as well as co-ordinating mortars and other fires. The FAc is probably tacked onto their party any way. They will pick which asset to use for a particular target, or use what is ready, or use what they are told to use!
  13. If you mean did I see a copy laying about the TAC before it was swiped then yes, unfortunatly I only had time to do what I always do with Gunner

    See which motherless nig has been promoted over me
  14. WOuld have thought the Afghan gov would have got some much needed money by opening their airspace for commercial flight. All the Arty and Fast Air could be given a celing not to go above and the civvie jets stay pretty high
  15. Without knowing the answer to the question, it does appear that FST's are a darned useful role, and will need manpower.

    Sadly for the HAC, and in spite of the fact it likes to think differently, it is part of the army and so should be in the business of producing soldiers for ops, and not just for pretending to be SF and holding balls :wink:
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