Is the Ginger Elzebub going to get it up the hoop **** dry????????????????????????

Is the british judical system going to punish the ginger slut

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Her husband has been quoted as saying that she is the subject of a "witch hunt".

I suppose it is too much to hope that this means they might burn her?
Thinking about Charlie Brooks's comment, can you complain about a witchhunt when it's a real fucking witch?


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What made me larff was the sheer hypocrisy and double standards spouted by the Ginger Witch and her hubby. Moaning about the fact that all the attention will make it impossible for them to get a fair trial. Like they were the arbiters of fairness when indulging in character assassinations and 'trial by media' when running the news of the world. May she do serious time and hate every minute of it.
I hope she gets proper fucked over and made an example of by the judge.
I think she is hot and would like to spend a hour or two with her in Arte_et_Marte`s celler
cloudbuster:4402569 said:
Her husband has been quoted as saying that she is the subject of a "witch hunt".

I suppose it is too much to hope that this means they might burn her?
I hope they try the 'Tie the bitch to a rock and see if she's a duck' stunt first.
I hope they tie her up, remove her clothes, put thighhigh black stockings on her, a black set of panties, see through bra and fuckme boots. Then let me smear newspaper print all over her sexy body and show her my headlinegrabbing lovemuscle. Mmmmmm. She is sexy.


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The worst thing about this harridan is that any happy memories of watching Crystal Tipps and Alastair when I was a child have now been destroyed.

Her comments today have been a little inflammatory. I believe that she intends to plead not guilty. Lets look at her defence -

1. The Redknapp defence - I am a mong and cant possibly be guilty. Thats not going to work.
2. The big boys made me do it - Very possibly. It depends on who the big boys are - Murdoch, Cameron, Blair or Brown?
3. It wasnt me guvnor - Brooks' PA seems a likely candidate. Poor cow. PA's are generally smart and know how things work, but to do things without direct instruction is unlikely. The PA is likely to share a cell with Mingita.
4. Its not fair - Racing certainty for a defence. OK so Brooks gobbed off about her being charged today, and as she has access to some very clever lawyers this was not a spontaneous act. I expect many more such incidents with the single aim of making sure that the trial is made unfair.
5. I know where the bodies are buried. Not impossible, but unlikely. She may have enough facts about some influential people to make life uncomfortable ( and part of me is telling me thats why she was so kindly and gently mocking in the Leveson Inquiry this week) but I dont think it will run as a defence, unless she calls David Cameron as a witness (other politicians are available) - " Mr Cameron, were you on the night in question actually muff diving the defendant with a yellow rose stuck up your arse?"
6. She is on good terms with Mr Mandelson. Shit knows what will happen if that evil bastard is involved.

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