Is the economy producing more recruits?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by gung_hobo, Aug 17, 2009.

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  1. Simple question whilst times are tight. Regular or TA recruits? Are the recruits good, or if there is an increase are they the first scrapings of a barrel we don't want to go into?

    No proof one way or the other, just interested in everybody's experience.
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    Recruits? We won't be able to take them-no money!
  3. msr

    msr LE

    We have had some top people in recently.

  4. If recruiting numbers have increased as a result of the economy / unemployment not forgetting the continuous publicity of the services in the media, then surely this would lead to 'the cream of the crop' being selected as a result of increased interest rather than the 'scrapings of the barrel. I would like to think anyway. Maybe someone who works in ACIO who is an arrser could give some insight.
  5. We're certainly getting quality rather than quantity North of the wall, the the numbers currently seem slightly less though.
  6. I cannot comment on the training output for the TA but in terms of Regular recruiting and the apparent abundance of applicants we are now dealing with, we are definitely now only taking the cream of the crop, we do not need to take anything less than that now.

    To put it into perspective, a recent figure suggested that there were 27400 applicants going through the process for approximately 7000 jobs.

    The grading system being employed by recruiting group now allows us to effectively screen out those we do not want, we are left then with people who are achieving A or B grade passes at selection centres.

    The grading system has been designed specifically to allow those with the A or B grades to take the vacancies first, anyone with a grade lower than that will be offered a place on an intake where we are short of A's and B's.

    Thus we do not waste intake vacancies but we also maintain intakes full of quality applicants that have the potential to pass and become good soldiers.

    I am led to believe though that the TA are faced with the same level of interest that we are seeing (proportionately) in the offices, but whether or not the output will remain the same is a different matter, applicants to the TA tend to join for vastly different reasons to those applicants looking for Regular Army
  7. msr

    msr LE

    It would be interesting to see what the stats are for the TA and where the bottlenecks appear.

    For us, it seems to be medicals.

  8. Can't see how the economy would affect TA recruiting. Any money you earn't would come off your giro, so if you're doing it for the money then you're either fecking desperate or can't sign on. When I joined it was explained in quite simple terms that you join because you want to do it and if you wanted money then get a job as a barman or Avon lady as you would earn more.

  9. We've had a surge or recruits at our place recently all seem top blokes and enthusiastic just they expect to rock up and get into it straight away, its frustrating for them parading in civvies expected to turn up every wednesday listening to what an awesome weekend we had/having etc so unfortunatly alot dont stick to it.
  10. Exactly. I've never met any TA Soldier who joined for the money. And I could'nt join the TA during the brief period when I was unemployed, as my JSA would have been stopped immediately.
  11. We are getting loads of recruits in at the moment. My take on this is not the economy - but that the army is high in the public esteem and has a high profile through the news in Afghan (a war that sits easier on peoples conscience than iraq ever did). Also After 2 years the army have finally worked the armyjobs site into some semblance of usability - so that now people can actually find their local TA units.

  12. We also had some people I wanted to top, in recently :D
    Seriously though there is no shortage of walk ins at the moment and quite a number of those Ex regs wanting to rejoin. So I think the job market may have something to do with this trend.

    Getting the medical slots is one log jam which will be followed by further delays in getting onto Phase one courses if the numbers in the system keep rising.
  13. Shhhh, the FBU will strike again.

    When they realise we are almost matching them for applicants to vacancies, they'll think they are worse off or something.