Is the CTP useful? Need feedback.


I’m about the start in Sandhurst in soon, have a place confirmed. Currently I’m working in London on a project which is looking at the failure of the government in upholding the military covenant. More specifically I’m looking at the procedure that deals with soldiers that are thinking of leaving or are in the process of leaving. I need to know if this process is good, bad, what could be improved and if and where the area needs supplementing by organisations outside the government and MOD, essentially the private sector.

Therefore I need your help. Please could you give me feedback surrounding two areas:

1) Which areas you feel let down by the government/ areas you feel supported? ie crap kit/good kit, healthcare, accommodation for you and families, issues with pay, issues with relocation etc

2) The process of resettlement: Could you explain your experience of the CTP. Is it good, bad and why? Could it be improved, if so how?

Essentially this report is going to be circulated around Westminster and will be read by people who can and do have the power to change things. It may not happen over night but the more quality feedback the team and I get the better the report and the better the response.

Thank in advance.

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