Is the class system still alive in Britain?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by gaylad24, Nov 4, 2008.

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  1. Hello all, I recently watched the John Prescot: The class system and me (or somthing like that) on the BBC and I was surprised to see such strong views on class.

    I have to say that I grew up in Cyprus where there are no class systems (Cyprus has never had its own Monarchy and the like), and although I have been living in the UK for 3 years now, I was completely oblivious to the fact that there is a 'class' system - I just thought it was as simple as there are poor people and rich people and all sorts in between.

    So here I pose a few questions to those who grew up here and know the country a lot better than I do:

    Does the class system still exist?
    If it does, does it still exist with the same structure? (i.e. is it still about what group of people you were born into, or is it more about money or power or behaviour and attitude?)
    Can a person move between different class 'strata'?
    Or is it all just a load of nonesense?

    It would be very interesting to find out what you guys think, and also very interesting to see if there is a difference in oppinion between the squaddies and the officers!

    Enjoy the debate :D
  2. Yes it is,and it's alive and well in the British Army!
  3. Conventional wisdom holds that the British upper class has always been full of closeted homosexuals so perhaps 'gaylad'...
  4. I think class is a choice more than luck/birthright. If a young kid is dragged up on a council estate by a family on benefits, and he decides to make a go of his life, he can. Likewise a child from a middle/upper class family could decend into drugs and be disowned by the family, ending up in a council flat/cardboard box with a nice collection of syringes. (crude examples, I know.)

    Money will always be a contributing factor, as will family, social circles, choice of employment, etc, but an individual's state of mind is what ultimately defines him/her.
  5. Trust me mate I am hardly upper class....
  6. IMHO the class system became more noticeable during the Victorian era. The industrial revolution brought about rail travel and modernisation and with it the obvious North/South divide and the have/have nots.

    During the 20th century there were the three distinguishable classes of upper, middle and lower and with the invention of radio, media and then television soon everyone knew how everyone else lived and behaved and undoubtably fell into their place in society.

    I think over the past 20-30 years the make up of three classes has changed. Before even the lower/working class people had high moral standards, were generally church going and community spirited. This class frowned upon anti social behaviour of its day. However, in todays society there seems to have grown a fourth class, that of underclass. This underclass are those that are a strain on society in so many ways and prove that the working class remains the backbone of British society and the one to be most proud of.

    The working and middle classes sees to have merged somewhat due to those who have prospered in the housing market. This would have been impossible 40 years ago. These people are middle England, now live in well off houses and drive fancy cars. Does this make them middle-upper class? I don't think so. I think what makes someone a class person is a person of dignity and conduct. While money does not buy class it can provide a similar lifestyle. I've known many officers who are 'rough around the edges' and many juniors and seniors who have very high standards.

    I give you an example. Lewis Hamilton is working class and has impecable behaviour. Lord Mandelson (and many in Government) are undoubtably upper class but are liars and crooks.

    OK, bullshite over.
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