Is the Church of England out of Step with Modern Britain?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Hootch, Apr 11, 2008.

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  1. Yes - bunch of bearded lunatic lefties

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  2. Who cares - turn all the churches into wine bars

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  3. No - I really like the Bish, cos he's so wicked like

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  1. Here we go again - senior church officials with a serious case of foot in mouth syndrome - Banning the hymm Jerusalem from Southwark Cathedral. This is the same church where the Bishop was alleged to have been wandering around London p*ssed of his head and breaking into cars.

    Coming close on the Archbishop of Canterbury tacitly supporting the introduction of Sharia law.

    Yet another Vicar of the "relevant" or left wing persausion actually fighting the majority of his parishoners !

    The same thing is happening to my local church.

    For those not in the know, the current trend in the CoE is to gut the historical interiors of our old churches in order to make them more "relevant". Basically, strip out the old pews and replace them with "flexible seating" or cheap stackable chairs. Any monument with military overtones is generally on the hit list despite the fact that at some stage a grieving family donated the memorial in the belief that it would be there in perpetuity ( in my local is a memorial to one of the locals killed at Isandlwana - it is on the hit list to be "re-located to a more appropriate place" - or the skip not doubt).

    The whole "redevelopment" is being led by a small group and it is really upsetting some of the congregation, especially the old girls that are the backbone of the church and actually do all the heavy lifting as far as cleaning etc. The "modernists" are planning to "reinvigorate" the village church as a "wedding and conference centre" which is making the three publicans in the village rather p*ssed off. In the end it's all about money.

    I didn't think it possible but can the CoE actually disappear further up it's own arrse?
  2. What very Silly voting options!

    Modern Britain is, sadly, out of touch with the Church of England.

    The trouble with 'our' church is that it is too eager to appeal to the lowest common denominator, it is too desperate to appear popular and populist, and as a result, has weakened it's 'brand' and lost both its self respect and the respect of others.

    It constantly just caves in - I give you the 'women vicars' fiasco! Why? Sorry, but they just do not count! Then we have the poofs! Why didn't the church stand its ground - every right minded individual knows that homosexuality is a perversion and is fundamentaly wrong - it should be treated as an illness or legislated against, NOT encouraged as 'an alternative lifestyle' - madness in the grip of the (in this case, self serving)Politically correct, who, if you look at the Labour freaks who voted in legalising the buggery of 16 year old boys, were all queer! Mandelson, Brown, Kaufman etc etc... You cannot legislate against the laws of nature - oh but yes! It would appear we can! when it suits their disgusting habits.

    I abhor Roman Catholicism and the post of Bishop in Rome in particular, but admire their stoicism and their unswerving belief in what they do and what they think is right! Women vicars - NO, Queers - NO, etc etc. Their attitude is - If you don't like it, then Fcuk Off! And that's exactly the stance that the Church of England should take!

    So, If you don't like it - Sod off, leave the establishment alone and if you're that bloody concerned - start your own fcuking church! (Like 'we' did - Thank you King Henry VIII for delivering us from the evils of Rome: like the Methodists did... not quite sure want they want despite spending 11 years at a Methodist Boarding school! and like all the other little splinter groups).

    It's time for the church to become militant, show some spine, show some leadership and be a force for good and not an apologetic shambles.....

    From the soap-box: Dismount!
  3. *Queensman disappears off with a harrumph and a rustle of the Daily Torygraph* :D

    For my Two pennorth I would agree that the CofE has tried to become the Trendy Church.

    Give me Fire, Brimstone and Fundamentalism. At least then I would have an understanding of what they stand for. Entirely too appeasing for my tastes.
  4. Agreed, I, and I suspect ,ost people, would have more respect for them if they were a little firmer in their convictions and a little less concerned about getting bums on seats and being 'relevant'.

    Surely you either have faith or you don't?
  5. Whoa there Queenie!
    It's militant extremist church goers like you that cause all the problems
    If religeous people actually practiced what they preached, i.e. tollerance and forgiveness, then the world woudn't be in the shite state it is.
    All religions are hypocritical. On one hand they tell you to love your brother and on the other they tell you that I am the only true God and everyone else is an infidel or irrelevent(in most cases this means persecution and death to the unbelievers)
    Religion worked 400 years ago because the majority of the population were uneducated and beleived what they were told by the ruling minority.
    Nowadays we have a better understanding of life the universe and everything and most people realise that for centuries, religeous leaders have raped, pillaged and corrupted there way through history.
    Not only is the church of England out of step with modern Britain, but religion is out of step with modern humanity.
    And you'll be pleased to note, the Catholic church is included in that.
    Darwin was right. The only problem is that Humans have found a way to beat natural selection.
  6. Murphy,
    Love your brother - Yes! NOT Fcuk him up the arrse!
  7. Feck me days, sounds like my old CO from the 1950s. Makes me feel right

    at home. Yes Sir. Your the man for me. Where do I sign Sir? :D :D
  8. naa, CofE is great! Shame that religion is completely irrelevant in modern society. But...if it wasn't an archaic, ineffectual, contradictory and implausable control mechanism, CofE would be up there amoungst my favourate purveyors of Fairy Tales, second only to In The Night Garden.
  9. It's not just the "Tims" Queenie!

    C of E cover up
  10. Once again a man interpreting the the supposed Word of God .....

    fecking ban religion 'period' all the god bothers do is go around with the my God is Better than your God borrocks... :roll:
  11. Unless you have very rose tinted spectacles, I don't believe the CoE was ever in step with Britain.
  12. I forget who said it but there's a quote that goes "if one adult has an imaginary friend it's called insanity. If lots of adults have an imaginary friend it's called Religion."

  13. Does that mean that the Emporer Mong is a religion?


    yes oh great one, your will is my command.
  14. Queensman. Try here:

    There should also be another poll option - turn all the churches into mosques :twisted:
  15. As George Bernard Shaw said - "the worst thing that ever happened to Europe was Religion"