Is the chav the basic raw material of the British Army?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Gunner82, Feb 15, 2009.

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  1. Over lunch the subject of the Chav was discussed at length a guest a rather senior member of the educational establishment pointed out that the BA relied on chav’s to supply its recruits. Quite offended initially but was he right?
  2. Nope, the true chav has no interest in putting his mind and body into something worthwhile like the Army. Though you do see the occasional semi chav making the break, and good on em I say.

    Saw a lad at Derring Lines (whilst on a CBRN training day using the chamber) last year on his junior Brecon that I locked up for TADA 3 years before. Was quite pleased to see him there to be honest.
  3. No, he was wrong. The building block of the British Army may come from a similarly disadvantaged background, but the difference is that the soldier has got off his backside, gone to a careers office, joined up, stuck with basic training and has become a member of a disciplined force. The chav has struggled down to the dole office to sign on and then spends his time doing petty crime, smoking drugs, drinking cheap lager and flicks two fingers at authority and at the wider society that funds his lifestyle.
  4. Suitably motivated and nurtured they could be.
  5. I don't see that we depend on them; of course some form a percentage of those we recruit, but the truly chavvish will never join up, preferring to be paid by the state to do fcuk all except watch sh1te TV, consume cheap nasty alcohol and cigs and commit petty crime.

    And if they're chavs when the come in they aren't once they've been in for a bit and have a bit of discipline and self-respect.
  6. Before the initial question can be answered surely what a Chav is must be defined

    I bet there is a fair variety of thoughts on what people actually consider a Chav to be.

    We take a considerable number from the inner cities and new towns that lots of people would consider chav and turn them into very able soldiers

    Then again I could be totally and utterly wrong 8O
  7. Oi! that's my career you've just summed up, that is!
  8. Quite a few of our more chavvy kids join up and are obviously de-chavved by the process. At least four have ended up with 'best recruit' over the years.
  9. Gunner, despite your initial disgust at the 'educated' gents observation, he's not far from wrong. If you see him again, you may wish to add the following;

    'Yes, you are correct that the British Army takes chavs as its staple for recruits but it is the shite, lacklustre and ineffective education system that made them chavs in the first place'.

    Then punch him on the nose for being a lily livered, tree hugging, gayer.
  10. Touche Flash.
  11. Agreed, I think a lot of people confuse 'Chav' with 'Yoof'.
  12. Exactly.

    Chav = Unemployable, unambitious (unless you count appearing on J Kyle as an ambition), underclass, under a bus hopefully.

    Yoof = What people of our age thought of us when we were there age.
  13. Chavs should be BANNED from service in the British army. our robust, disciplined lifestyle is not really suited to them. the gay crabfat wasters on the other hand.......
  14. There have to be significant chav numbers yes!

    I'd say looking at the number of MGZR's and NOVA's on the car parks on camps then I reckon so.

    However these are just chavs by nature of their upbringing... They'll grow out of it thanks to making the right choice and getting out of the sh1t hole estates they were dragged up on.
  15. For me it's an aspiration! Where do I apply?