Is the chain of Command still working?

Was there, is there a chain of command.
Its the same as any chain all it takes is one bad link and its broke  :eek:

If you want something to go up the chain of command, in my experience it has to be in writing, it works and even if you produce the letter and give it to your line manager, he/she has to carry out some form of action, and if nothing happens then you still have a permanent record and can therefore move up by simply changing the addressee.

And if the next addressee feels this needs action he will ask why this was not brought to his/her attention by the line manager.

The power of the written word if used correctly will give results.
Definatley how it works in Civvy Strasse, not in writing means its worthless. No such thing as a gentlemans agreement etc


Yes there is and it works well.  Wiggly Amp is spot on.  If aggrieved or there is a problem then change it from a drip or a whinge into something that will require action by formally recording it on paper in the correct Defence Writing template helps...sad, but if it is going to the boss (at whatever level) it will help your case then the back of a fag packet scribble!  As Wiggly Amp suggests, if ignored or the answer does not fit your version, change the address block, up the anti and move on up the chain.  That has been the way forever and a day and seperates the NAAFI bar gripes from the genuine complaints/issues that the chain of command may have missed (they are only human remember).

Don't forget the wise old owls in the Regt that have probably been around a bit and seen it all before and might be able to sort the issue out another way (e.g. SSM or RSM or Senior WO etc etc).

Remember you are part of that chain......if you see it breaking (just like flight safety), then do something proactive and help restore it.  8)

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