Is the bi*ch cheating?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by rocafella, Apr 28, 2010.

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  1. Throw the fecker out?

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  2. Go and see the bloke?

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  3. "work things through"

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  1. Fellow arrsers - I found some pm's on the wifes facebook, involving an ex of hers. She had bought up reference to the last time they met and that they had kissed. She also reminisced the fact that thet had promised to lose their virginities to each other in a graveyard (as you do). Is it just me or is this topic of conversation so utterly inappropriate for a married woman - feck that -MY married woman to be having with another man - an ex??

    The male in question asked how things were between us - and she went on to say that they were getting better - and that I had behaved like a "tw@t" while she had post natal depression. Is this not our fecking business?

    I lost it. Flipped out - like majorly. I dont know what to do. Am i right in being this fecked off??

    Help needed

    Title editied
  2. did you accidentally find these pms by accidentally logging onto her account thinking you were logging into your account?

    Did they meet and kiss during your time together?

    were you a tw@t while she had PND?

    It may be your business but she obviously needs someone else to chat to about it.

    Why is this in the NAAFI and not 'The Other Half'? youll get ripped to pieces in here.
  3. Yep, you should be well fucked off. Tell her if she wants out then she can go, saves more pain further down the road. If she cares she wont go and you can sort it out. If she goes, you know you are better off.

    Go see the fella too and give him a hiding.
  4. Budge up I've Popcorn and Beers!!
  5. first of all turn it the other way round, you in her shoe's and she in your's

    now ask the same questions

    but for a naffi responce

    MAN THE FUCK UP!! chuck her out and fuck her best mate (film it) and then email said video to her!

    good luck ;)
  6. If you didn't support her whilst she was suffering a pretty serious mental illness, can really you blame her for getting emotional support elsewhere?
  7. get him in for a 3-some, then she wont be doing anything behind your back and if hes married get him to bring his wife! could be the start of a wonderful relationship.
  8. Bouillabaisse

    Bouillabaisse LE Book Reviewer

    Put a link up to her facebook page, so we can see if she's worth hanging on to. Or having a crack at.
  9. Post natal depression? Tell her you've got post wedding depression, caused by living with a socially inept, facebooking mouthbreather. Then punch her in the face..........thirty or forty times. The whore.
  10. waaaayyyyyyyyyyyy :D
  11. Oi, Shove over, I've got some pringles, but only 4 beers....

    Aaahhh, that's better.
  12. Well I would suspect... depending on how bad your 'flip out' was ... you probably wont need this poll....
  13. If the meeting/kiss took place before you were together there should be no problem.
    I have been in the same situation, once we had sat down and talked about it and i knew nothing had happened we got over it and we are fine 1 year on.

    Talk to her and find out why she needs to confide in someone else.
  14. Pringles?

  15. Breaks the Hip Flask out this is getting good