Is the AT course really that hard.

Discussion in 'RLC' started by billy74, Jun 23, 2006.

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  1. I found the T2 course easy. Alot of dullards passed that should not have and i feel that in the long term the trade is going to suffer. It doesn't help when certain members of staff at the school don't seem to have a clue about ammunition or related topics either.
  2. apf your quite correct in your tongue in cheek rebuke, but unfortunately the boy is quite right.

    However, i think he may confuse some of the instructors lack of knowledge with lack of interest due to being fucked over by ATRA's attempts to stuff course after course into an already stuffed program.
  3. :bow: glad you feel that way, i'm sure all your course mates are pleased with you feel that way.

  4. C0ck. I frankly cannot be arrsed to expand on that.
  5. I particularly like this... alot!
  6. Dear old Billy, what a true cretin you are.............

    These people you bespatter have more knowledge than I consider you will ever have.........

    And by your comments I feel agrieved that you can sit there and make judgement on them with so little experience......... no doubt these instructors you berate are now sitting there waiting for the day you return for your upgrading.... hee hee....

    And no doubt before you enter the school of exellence for ammunition, your true identity will be known to them.....

    I also now consider myself a 'dullard' as you put it, as I too; like every other ammunition technician have passed through the doors of this establishment.......

    May I congratulate you on your fine judgement of my character and say what a total vainglorious little PRCIK you are.......
  7. Billy are you, by any chance related to the officer, who on his ATO course complained that it was a year long and that it should be shorter as officers were far more intelligent than soldiers. Just wondering if you're identical penises.
  8. billy74, I assume that as you posted a question (Fri 09 Mar 06 - RHQ Forum) regarding 'Tiffy' pay; that you are ex REME.

    Passed your AT Class 2 Cse; probably in the last 12 months.....

    Can't be that hard to work out....
  9. Does that mean I'm a Dullard too? Boo Hoo, I'm off to find a nice lenght of rope! And people wonder why it can be difficult to get a good working relationship with out side units! Muppet!
  10. Did you bring any of this up at the End of Course Discussion?
  11. Of course he will not have, much more fun to mouth off on ARRSE. I am sure that when he arrives at his next unit his outstanding intelligence and technical knowledge will assist all? :?

    Mind you, I do have a couple of vacancies for a chocloate fireguard or bike rack. Any T2 AT feel free to apply. :D
  12. Nowt like chopsing is there? Doh!
  13. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    He got you all to bite though. :twisted: