Is the Army the answer?


I'm going to be straight up about the type of person I currently am; and that is a 31 year old father of 2 who lives with his mum, he's unfit, lazy, currently has no ambition and is likely to be stuck in a shit paid dead end job for the rest of his working life - Yep! that's me alright.

I don't just want, but I seriously NEED to get off my ass and finally make something of myself, if not only to show my kids (now 11 and 15) that their dad isn't a lazy poor excuse of a man. Long story short, about 10 years ago I had a good job as a Healthcare Asst, then I entered university TWICE to get into the health/medical profession, once to start training as a nurse (dropped out) then again to train as a radiographer (dropped out again). Since then I've suffered with depression and axienty causing me to lose all direction and a lot of self confidence.

Fast foward to the present day and I find myself as a cleaner in a gym (the free membership comes in handy now!) I've looked at many jobs and prospective careers and I just cannot see a future for myself on civvy street. I've been dreaming about joining the army on and off for the past year, but its a real psychological tug of war as to whether I should take it as a new opportunity to find out what I'm really capable of. I see it as a chance for me to rebuild my myself and learn new skills. What I struggle most with is the thought of being away from my kids long term, however, as they don't live with me full time they stay with me twice a week (wed-thurs and sat-sun), I'm just worried about how they might take not seeing me as much, and possibly, not at all for long periods.

I'm currently working on my fitness to potentially prepare and motivate myself should I make the decision to go for it. I know some of you will ask if I have considered the reserves - yes, I have - but I'd rather immerse myself in it completely and begin new chapter in my life rather than something I just do part time alongside my current job. In terms of roles, I have absolutely no idea; Medic is a possibility as phase 2 training would be in my home town and it still interests me despite past experiences, also considering Driver or VM (I drive but no mechanic experience).

With all that said, I need to make a decision pretty quickly as I'm not getting any younger. I seriously need to man up and finally do something with my pathetic life, I see the army as a new career in which I can improve myself as a person and also build a more financially secure future for myself and my kids. Question is; would it all be worth the sacrafices? I just do not know.

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Choices: Medic, you have obviously thought about wanting to do something medicky previously with nursing and radiography, go be a medic. You could even lob in for being attached to the para's, or even THEM blokes who we never mention...........that would be a tale for your boy's.

Fitness: Get out and get running, lot's of info on here on how to approach that. Also take up walking a few miles with a 10lb or 15lb rucksack on your back.

Motivation: Thats down to you boss. Either you want to do something with your life, or you don't and when you are 40, 50, 60 and 70 you can either look back and think, "I did fcuk all", or "fcuk me what a life I enjoyed the ride".

There are lots of us on here who think it was probably the best and worst job of our lives, but we did it, we have memories, and many of us would go back tomorrow for free if the offer was made.

..................still here?

PS If you are going to join you best get used to the idea of not being able to live at home with mum doing your washing and ironing and having your lads over for tea twice a week for a while. Harsh, but it needs to be said.

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Start the joining process.....and also understand, the army may not want you. You have to fit the regime.

It is not what the army can give you, it is also what you can give the army.


Thanks for all your replies thus far guys. I'll take everything said into consideration.

PS If you are going to join you best get used to the idea of not being able to live at home with mum doing your washing and ironing
Just to be clear, I may live with my mum but I'm not a mummy's boy lol. I do my own cooking, washing, ironing etc. Cheers for your reply, it was very helpful.
Take your mum with you.
It isn't often anyone can get away with a "your mum" in the recruiting boards.

OP your medical history (if recorded) may be a barrier. If accepted you'll have to break your own apparent habit of quitting things. That said, good luck and give it a go.
Do it. Get off your hole, get your phys sorted to a decent standard. When you’re in the depot and further training, work hard, get on with it while trying to keep in mind why you’ve put yourself there and what the alternative is if you jack it. Do it now or you’ll be a forty or fifty something soon enough always wondering, “what if”. You know it. Good luck


Join a gym.

Cheaper and less ******* about.
Fast foward to the present day and I find myself as a cleaner in a gym (the free membership comes in handy now!)
OP your medical history (if recorded) may be a barrier.
From what I’ve read, you may be rejected if you have experienced more than 2 significant episodes of depression. I’ve experienced one years ago and haven’t experienced it since as it was reactive to my circumstances at the time.
Get your (currently) idle arrse down to the nearest army careers office and do something meaningful in life. You will not regret the decision and best of luck.


Remember, when you're on your deathbed, it's not the things you did that you'll regret, it's the things you didn't do.


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If you apply, and they accept you, you are going to hate basic training.


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Don’t expect a big man to shout at you to make you motivated. Do it yourself now, change, get fit clock is ticking.


If you apply, and they accept you, you are going to hate basic training.
Why is that? Not exactly expecting it to be a walk in the park so fully prepared to get my ass kicked. Well aware that it’s early mornings and late night I will probably struggle with, but it’s all about adapting to a new way of life which is what I want to do.


There are a lot of army success stories that start off how yours began.

Get that application in.
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