Is the army still worth it?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by see_a_moon, Nov 26, 2012.

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  1. Just asking for opinions here. Personally I am considering leaving, missed over 3 years of s jars despite raising it after the first year, civvys messed up pay in basic, three guys pick up when at unit 2 years and I'm still waiting 3.5 years later.
    Some things are being sorted but is it to little to late?
  2. You missed 3 sjars? Did you raise this with your CoC? If it wasn't sorted why didn't you take your complaint further?

    Also, why is this in Current Affairs?
  3. Was CoC trying to drop you a hint?
  4. If its too little too late, then you have already made your mind up.
  5. [video=youtube;MBfYQOSSPqc][/video]

    Could you also explain what you mean by '3 SJARs', are you saying that for THREE years on the bounce SJARs were not in anyway written for you?

    I find that a bit hard to beleive. Sorry.

    Promotion. It's shit, don't get bitter. The guys who have come off in two years... maybe they are just better than you? Remember, the race is long... and in the end it is only with yourself.

    You may find you could promote this year, and beat them to Cpl becasue they are struggling.

    Pay? Oh, well. It is an fcuk around, but it got sorted. That is why you get pay statements.

    Let's look at the plus points...

    Good wage.

    Sport and Adv Trg (I did CanPaddle a few years back, two weeks in Canada open boating down a river or how about a bit of sailing action? Fancy crossing the Atlantic?)

    Health care and dental inc pay even if sick.

    good time off.

    Still a good option for travel.

    Education (ILCs, SLCs get some courses in, even improve your GCSEs if neccessary).

    Personal development - again go to your AEC and get some courses in or trg wing - driving instructor perhaps?

    From what I've been told about civvies street from mates who have got out/never been in, Civvie street is not a green field of manna trees and gold bushes.
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  6. Don't jump until you KNOW that the army is not for you any more. The world on Civvy Street has advantages, just as the green life has.

    DO NOT think that a Civvy employer is any more likely to care about you as an individual than is the army. Indeed they will probably care less about you unless you prove to be a money factory for their business. If you do so prove they will care about you a lot, for as long as you continue to be a money factory for the business.

    Take your time to do your research first. To might also imo when you could have waited a few months and selected redundancy !
  7. To answer the thread title, of course it is!
  8. Cow

    Cow LE

    I thought that this would be about the actual army not someone crying about it..

    You've got a job, be happy. If you don't like your job do something about it, no one else will manage your career for you (even if they should do it). Plenty of Ad Trg opportunities as mentioned earlier, civvies don't get that without spending their own cash. Mates doing better than you? Who's to blame? Them for doing a better job or you for not doing a better job? Make of it what you can, civvie street is different but not better.
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  9. I have had a think and I've rung Jim. He's gonna get back to me with the conclusive answer but it definately looks like its a 'no' but more than likely 'yes'. Hope that helps
  10. Whatever you do, don't listen to this pish ^.
  11. I can sympathise with the OP. I waited out until my 12 year point before I realised that I had spent many years being bounced around from tour-to-tour, having CR's delayed and promotion boards missed because I was always attached to to other units etc. and that it was time to find my own way.
    It was my 12 year point I called it a day though. Those final 3 years were a frustrating hell. The 9 that preceded that though were something else entirely, and I miss those a lot.
    My advice would be to stick it out, especially in the current economic climate. As others have pointed out, it can be crap at times, but as you are still young it is worth sticking it out. If someone who is supposed to be looking after you and your career isn't then use the system to bloody well take the official steps to make sure they do. If your SJAR has been so messed up ensure you start to get interviews with those whose job it is to ensure they are done correctly and in time. Remember, they have messed up, not you, and if you get chance to see your manning and records road show, where you get a chance to speak to the very people who are supposed to be running your career then do so. Apparently you are supposed to see these once a year. I managed to see the RCT/RLC one twice in 12 years.
    I'm getting a bit ranty now because the attitude when I left was 'Ah well, tough shit, maybe next year we'll get it right', but this is your career, and now you have official steps you can take to ensure it runs right. Take them.
    Just don't be a knob about it though ;)
  12. It sounds like you need to:

    a) Stop being a pathetic ****. The victim mentality will get you nowhere.
    b) Change something. Get a transfer or work your arse off and demand a chance at promotion.

    It used to be the case that blokes would sign off, get a few months into civvie street, and be back before you know it. That was when the economy was good, and getting back in was easy because the Army was desperate for numbers. Point being, the grass is always greener and civvie street can be tough as ****, especially with your attitude.
  13. Cheers for the responses, glad to say just on here alone it shows there are one in many willing to help someone. As for "crying about the army" that obviously isn't what this is if you read it properly. I know I've been royally fucked over by the unit, and its not that Im doing a bad job either, I'm getting lent to different units constantly for tour nd exercise, yet getting nothing from it. T:) he s jar situation is slowly being accessed but I just think its to late.
    The main idea of this thread is to highlight this issue so that any other guys that are getting done over can find out what they can do about it as the help is not there in many cases
  14. Your unit should still write your SJARs. If you are detached you should receive inserts. Both your unit and the unit you were lent to are at fault should you not have an insert for a tour or long attachment.

    If you go on JPA and call up your SJARs can you see any entries?

    I'm still finding it hard to believe you have NO SJARs.
  15. Man the **** up you whining ****.