Is the army so broke it has to resort to

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Cardinal, Mar 9, 2010.

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  1. withdrawing one ammunition pouch from every non infantry soldier?

    With the kit we are required to carry, two amunition pouches and three utility/waterbottle pouches are necessary. A basic set of PLCE with just one ammunition pouch , one utility and one waterbottle pouch, leaves any soldier with just one option.

    To go and buy some more pouches! Why make life more difficult by withdrawing a pouch from anyone not in the infantry? In all probability the pouches purchased in surplus shops are the very same ones withdrawn in the first place!

    Recently I asked the SQMS at my TA unit to get me some of the new base layers. He issued me with a set of second hand underwear, fortunately they were several sizes too small so I could refuse them. Apparently a six foot TA soldier, from another unit, turned up on his first training weekend with a set of base layers so small he could not wear them yet his CQMS had insisted they were all he was entitled too "since small ones are cheaper!"

    My combat assault boots were in poor condition so I exchanged them. The ones I got in their place were varnished and I am far from convinced that they were an issue item. Half the weight of a normal pair of Combat Assault Boot the soles are made plastic, they are a good two inches shorter (in height) than a standard CAB, the brasswork is cheap base metal and the leather lining is cloth. There are also huge seams sticking out inside the boot which would cripple anyone stupid enough to wear them. Is this the new issue CAB??

    No matter how tall, or short, the new guys are they are being issued long back bergens, the short backs remaining packed up in a box unavailable for issue. Methinks there is a fiddle going on somewhere.

    I know about front line first (hang on didn't we have that under Conservative back in the 90's as a way of justifying defence cuts?) but some of this is just bloody silly. No one in Afghanistan is going to go without anything because a full set of PLCE is issued to soldiers in the UK.

  2. I had a problem with boots a few years ago when I was in the regs. My CAB's sole wore right the way down and I went into the stores to exchange them. I was told that they didnt have any sizes 9's and that I should wear my other set as i had been issued 2 pairs. I then wore my other set right down whilst periodically popping into the stores to see if they had any boots in to replace my already worn down pair. After a few months, both pairs were in a right state, I went into the stores and was told by the QM that he was going to charge me for allowing my boots to get into such a state, I explained that I had been in on numerous occasions and this was confirmed with the storeman. I was then told by the QM "Wear your pro-boots or your jungle boots" so I did until I got to my next unit whilst constantly having to explain to various people in my unit why I was wearing jungle boots or pro boots on parade.
  3. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    I doubt it has anything to do with the Army being broke. It sounds more like a case of your QM being a cock.
  4. Indeed and if it's an example of the Army being broke then it's ALWAYS been broke!

    Or at least from 1979 onwards.
  5. Fu*k all changes, QM's mentality "Let’s keep the shelves full, it looks better, now when I am getting my OBE (Other Buggers Efforts)

  6. All part of living in the Gorgon's Nue Liebour marxist broken Britain. Kit's probably all go to immigrants and dyke single 'mothers' :x :x
  7. Always better if you get on with the people in charge of them, worked for me
  8. Very valid point, however more & more MOD establishments are becoming more civvie run & the system of getting kit exchanged is worse than ever as they think it's coming out of their own budget 8O

    I know one store that refuses to issue kit unless your an instructor/ medical chit or your HOD accompanies the service personnel 8O

    If your lucky enough to find a reliable & decent QM's store it is a rarity but like many things it all depends where your located in the country or overseas for that matter.
  9. Stores are meant for storing, not issuing. :D
  10. Nothing new in this, in '82 we had to hand back in water bottles, ponchos, body-warmers, mess tins, plastic mugs & even sodding eating irons because some of the lads who were going to play away had kit shortages.
  11. Ahh, the first and only lesson of every SQMS/RQMS/QM's course ever run at Blackdown! :lol:
  12. Its amazing how much good will a decent bottle at Christmas generates.
    You forgot him didn't you?
  13. Did you manage to keep a straight face whilst typing that? :D
  14. Too true.

    QMs/ clothing storeman etc are allways arrsey grumpos. When I was based in the UK the clothing storeman was usually a downgraded lance jack bloke who had an axe to grind with everyone on the planet.

    Based in Germany they had some goppin pads wife running the clothing store and she clearly enjoyed the 'power' it gave her.

    Good to see things have improved.
  15. Middle Wallop had a succession of WRAC honey monsters as clothing storethings, if Minden had a clothing store then I never found it, Hildesheim had a good full screw AAC storeman who used "it'll ride up with wear" or you'll grow into it" like they were going out of fashion as he never seemed to have the right size (in anything).

    At Detmold, the clothing storeman was an ex-REME Sgt who would talk to anybody about his love of fishing. The longer you listened, the more kit you could weedle out of him. I always seemed to find the time and I have been told that I'm a good listener. :lol: