Is the AMS becoming the NHS?

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by Nurseyboy1, Feb 2, 2008.

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  1. Recent operational experience has led me to believe that aspects of the AMS are gradually turning into the shambles that is the NHS. A field hospital with patient centred ethics should not be manged by people with a motivation towards G4 perfection. The NHS has suffered through the employment of non clinical directors heading up hospitals. Should we not learn from this? Let Doctors and Nurses run hospitals. The patient should be at the centre of what we do.
  2. Karabiner is unsurprisingly spot on.

    However, I do respectfully submit that you guys suffer more than we light blue from MSOs who have no genuine interest in the delivery of healthcare and in many cases allow themselves to regard the specialists without whom there would be no AMS (or DMS) with disdain and contempt.

    When these muppets get into positions of authority (since you mention G4, most QMs I met were bitter 'n' twisted commissioned warrant officers who were so well balanced they had chips on both shoulders!) it can be if not disastrous then deeply unsatisfactory, and ultimately deleterious to the delivery of high quality healthcare.
  3. well Newbie

    Its a team game, and in ballance the system works fine, with one or two refinements but the team is getting there

    I know a few MSOs who could outdo a fair few senior Doc and Nurses

    In todays AMS we must still prove that we are not wasting the tax payers money - audit trail dear boy, audit trail.

    If youve got a specific example/whinge then spit it out, dont generalise !
  4. Deployed medical care appears to deliver far better results than the NHS. if you are serving you will have access to ADMEM data which will show you that the Standardised Mortality Ratios for the Med Gps deployed on Ops HERRICK & TELIC are significantly better than that currently being achieved within the NHS.

    Give me an example of a recently deployed Fd Hosp that was not commanded by a PQO.

    By the way you can't hope to deliver high quality healthcare without good administration and logistic support.
  5. Spit it out, I wouldnt dare! I know of enough people who have been pulled up for doing so. I may be new to the forum, my learned friend, but not to the world. The military has a great habit of preaching integrity, but a terrible way of handling the truth. It still pays the bills though!
  6. By no means would I bring the actual quality of care delivered into question. Given resources, circumstances and the restraints of policy and procedure, I have no doubt that it is of a very high standard. I am under no illusions as to the pressures that personnel are under on operations as I am a serving soldier myself. However, I have personally been pulled away from clinical duties on a number of occasions in order to carry out 'essential duties' such as G4 spot checks. I know its part of my job and I am greatful that someone actually trusts me to be responsible for it, but there's not always time, and it's not my priority. The fella in the bed is! it just seems as if there are people with different priorities and clinicians keep losing out. Id rather have these people on board as part of the MDT rather than being in a constant prioritisation battle.
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    Talk about hitting the nail on the head :D

    BTW, in case of potential incoming, you can delete the word 'Army' and insert the word 'military' (or RAF, for that matter) and it still works. :twisted:
  8. Are you sure youre not Nurseygirl? but then again in this day and age!
  9. cheers for that Felcher fox!
  10. I admit nor deny anything!
  11. To add a little Naval perspective: same here!