Is that the british army law????

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by Army_Force, Mar 15, 2009.

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  1. Well I'm german and married to a british soldier...but now we are separated,and he sais that I must give him my Army ID card back,which I got from the Army when we married!!!And now I don't know if I really should give it to him,...cause I know from my marriage before that I had to give it back when we divorced....!!(But he was in the american Army)...and now he sais,that when I don't give it back in the near future,the MP(Military Police)
    will come and I will go to jail....(what I don't believe :? )
    My guestion is now:Is that the british army law,that when the family is separated,that the wife has to give it back,even when their still married? :? :( Please Help.... :cry:
  2. Do you mean your dependant's ID card? If so, you still have dependant status until you are divorced from said serviceman. If you have ties to camp, work, creche etc, then hang onto it. Your soon to be ex-husband might just be making things difficult.

    You will have to give it back when you are divorced as you no longer hold dependant status and will have no affiliation to the British military after that.

    You will not be marched off to jail by the Military Police for holding onto your ID. You need not worry about that. You will have a families officer, make that your next call, to clear things up.

  3. remind him about the pension
  4. what pension???? :( :( :? ..I've really got no idea.... :oops:
  5. Army_Force, du hast eine persönliche Mitteilung!