Is that sexual harrassment?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Myss, Nov 19, 2004.

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  1. You must of seen the story in the press on Elaine Day, the PA taking the Prince Charles' Household to an ET claiming sexual discrimination and unfair dismissal.

    Forget the part for the mo about was Charlie said to a senior aide in a memo about Ms Day's request to move to a higher post within the Household, but this is the only 'reference' of sexual harrassment that has been mentioned in three newspapers.... (although it seem a bit of a cheek for someone born into money and questions some of the intentions of the Prince's Trust)
    IMO Is that it? 'king 'ell - if I had to take to court every man (and woman) who did that at work- i'll be running the MoD on me own :lol: (probably do a better job than TCH too).
    I'm not saying to suffer in silence - but if you seen the picture of Ms Day, she ain't a big lady but she ain't a piece of p1ss either -if this was something so distressing, she couldn't tell him to back off in certain strong terms? Easier said than done in hindsight? I don't think so.
    Perhaps she's a little shy or he's a little hard of hearing - but there's a saying of "Those who cannot hear, Must feel" - calling for a simple 'accident' with the letter opener/stapler/ paper scissors/hell - pick up the damn keyboard - would of suffice lol :twisted: :twisted: . Seriously though, a few verbal promises of castration would of made the man do a Christie backwards.

    If that was all she had in terms of 'sexual harrassment', she better not get on a London tube train at a peak hour.
  2. Exactly.
  3. I believe the guy she accused was homosexual too, and she new it. Obviously thought she was that gorgeous she could get him to bat for the other side.

    Little person with a big chip on her shoulder for mine...
  4. Unfortunately, sexual harrassment is about 'unwarrented' physical contact. Unlike most crimes, the PC brigade have made this one of those pieces of law where it has to be disproved by the accused, as opposed to proved by the 'victim'.

    You've got to ask though, as a PA, she's probably employed because she's got a strong character, so why didn't she tell him to fcuk off?
  5. Right what do we need to get loads of publicity and win our case :

    Blame Charlie a lot
    Claim sexual harassment
    Blame Charlie a lot
    Claim hurt feelings
    Blame Charlie a lot
    Accuse Charlie of something noone knows about yet
    Blame Charlie a lot
    Try to think of something with a racial slant
    Blame Charlie a lot .....etc

    Bloody ambulance chasing lawyers and claimants are out of hand in this country
  6. Once again, I find myself in total agreement with Charles. The man speaks a lot of sense. I just hope he does one day get a crack at the top job.
  7. "She requested a move to a promoted position..."

    She obviously deserved promotion.....given her demonstrable tact, loyalty and discretion, important attributes in most roles, absolutely vital for working within a Royal Household.

  8. sexual harrassments pushing the envelope a bit in her case though , jesus she's gopping , i wouldn't touch her with corporals!!
  9. I agree with Topper. Charles wasn't trying to interfere with politics or gain publicity - he wrote a confidential memo and she abused her position and broke her contract by putting it into the public domain. Obviously we need employment law and rights to a tribunal but why can't things be kept under wraps? I have seen questionable cases like this come up in my professional life and they are extremely depressing. It's rather like the anonymity in rape issue - the damage is done once the person (or organisation) is named - and shamed - in the public domain, even if the accusation was totally groundless.

    I fail to see why Charles Clarke (yet another dire cabinet minister) had to open his mouth on this. Surely he has enough work to do on Britain's education system.
  10. The world is truely going down the toilet with all this PC shite. There are women being raped out there where the Rapist gets off lightly because the judge is concerned for their rehabilitation. Never mind the victim. Then you get this girl who didn't even register a decent hand up the skirt and it's off to court. Let me guess, just missed out on claiming that you screwed Beckham?
  11. Birdie said on a previous thread:
    I offer this tip with no expectation of reward.
  12. I'm not sure that he's entirely suited to serve with the Jocks!? 8O :wink: