Is that our Jarrod on the telly with Julia "the durty minx" Bradbury?

Just happened by the telly when I saw the names come up. He's not what I expected, I envisioned someone skinnier. Tell me it's not him.

Julia is not looking so good these days.


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Book Reviewer
Nope, not him.
I think Julia is looking a bit rough these days, she should stay indoors a bit she's a bit weather beaten, the saucy minx.
She looked fit enough when I saw her at Peterborough train station Monday afternoon . Alas my "Love you bad" kit was in my car .

She was lucky
Perhaps you should have whipped out your rape stick?
^ You sir deny too much! Any experiments with lovey types you would like to enlighten the collective intellect of arrse with? (OK may be over egging the brains bit on arrse but ho hum).


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