Is that big fat bird still in the cook house in Gib BKS

No not any more, as far as I'm aware she has either been moved on or moved on of her own accord, allbeit very slowly.

will confirm it this week as I will be there for a couple of days.
hurrahfortheRE said:
WHAT Your sister is a fat sweaty stinking bearded monster that put many a sapper off his beans.

Shame on you and your family for allowing this to happen to a sweet annorexic.
i hope you can live with yourself you cruel cruel buger
hurrahfortheRE said:
bobferal said:
hurrahfortheRE said:
Sorry mate I hope she gets over her bout of Alzeimers/Bullemia so she can remeber to throw up after binge eating.

My thoughts are with you.
tell that to 9 sqn they love her
They all need lovin

YOU SURE :? :? :? :?
hurrahfortheRE said:
You know you would!!!!!!
i am not made of wood. :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink:

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