Is that an SLR I see before me?

Discussion in 'Old & Bold' started by retread2, Mar 7, 2011.

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  1. Picture from Libya today. Whichever side is fielding them is bound to win!

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  2. Probably the FN fully automatic version. I was a better shot over 400m with the SLR than with a SA80.
  3. The FAL's dont seem to be your SLR version. Flash Suppressors are standard Belgian. A heavy barrel version looked suspiciously like the ones the IDF used to use in the 60's short wood handguard, bipod attached at muzzle. Norinco and Iranian Amig and Spain are the suppliers of 106mm Recoilless ammo according to the crates
  4. I'd agree with Fally that that is the FN Fal not the beloved L1A1.
  5. But it is an oldie with the wooden handguard and butt. I believe that most non-British FALs had bipods and long flash suppressors. That doesn't immediately make it a support fire version.
  6. Does anyone else think it strange that the Belgians, our peaceful and well governed kiddy fiddling NATO allies, the same Belgians who concientiously objected to sell us back British 120mm tank ammo before the second Gulf war, but seem to have no problem at all in selling masses of FN FAL rifles to the enlightened Libyan government.
  7. Nothing strange there, one was politics and the other was hard cold cash.

    If our political "elite" can stand in front of a camera and pontificate about rights and freedoms with a straight face while the people with them are busily selling anything and everything that can go bang to anyone who can put up the money then we have no room to talk.

    Gun running/defense industry - same thing really.
  8. Are you seriously expecting politicians to let something like morality or common sense to get in the way of political expediency or the chance to make a buck? Come on Cernunnos, you've been here longer than I have!

    As long as we get our rulers by selecting them on their ability to get elected, rather than their ability to actually, ehhh, rule; we will continue to see stuff like that.
  9. How long ago were these FALs sold to Libya?

    Cuba has FAL's sold to them in 1956, doesnt mean the Belgians approved of Castro, just fulfilling the contract at the time.

    Consider Libya adopted the FAL in 1963.
  10. Nothing like taking cover. :)
  11. Yep, you're right that is nothing like taking cover :)
  12. Did you ever fire the SLR in fully automatic mode? It was totally uncontrollable!
  13. [video=youtube;8z1q8GiSIdc][/video]
  14. Yes.Uncontrollable till it jammed or the mag ran out.Never had a go on the SA80.
  15. Thats different to the match holding down the sear. ;-)