Is technology driving social isolation?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by smartascarrots, Oct 25, 2007.

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  1. I hate people and prefer to talk to pixels

  2. Yes, but whatcha gonna do?

  3. No, I have a lively and stimulating social circle

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  4. It's the Matrix, I tell 'ee!

  1. BBC Link

    I've read on another thread that barracks life was being undermined by singlies spending more off-duty time with their xboxes than their mates. But what about wider society they're drawn from?

    Does the distinguished panel believe technology is the cause or is there some other reason?
  2. I think it makes a different way of socialising readily available, via the net/online gaming/forums/chat etc.

    "Please!.....don't open the curtai...MY EYEEEES!!!!"
  3. Ah, I see you have met my eldest son.
  4. This set me thinking; imagine entire generations, growing up with friends whom they have only experienced as words on a screen. Evolutionary biologists are going to have a hard time compensating for hyperreality...

    (edited for fat fingers)
  5. I'm looking forward to the first sexually transmitted computer virus.
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    Would you agree?
  7. Yes, but I would point out that 0100100100100000010010000100000101010110010001010100111000100111010101000010000001010000010101010101010000100000010000010010000001000110010010010101001101001000001000000101010101010000001000000101010001001000010001010101001001000101001000000101001101001001010011100100001101000101001000000011000100111001001101000011100100101110

    (handy binary to ASCII converter)
  8. Obviously, you're too socially isolated, then. :)

    What got me thinking was that we're surrounded by anti-social behaviour and diagnoses in children of Aspergers/autism is sky-rocketing. Is surrounding them with gadgets instead of actual friends producing a self-fulfilling prophecy?
  9. Smartascarrots . . . I wasn't aware that the diagnosis of Aspergers was on the increase. Interesting. Sources? And to keep it on thread, yes I think that communication through technology is taking the edge off our interpersonal skills. I have yet to shake hands with anyone under the age of 25 who can maintain eye contact and the art of conversation appears to just about dead to modern yoof. As for text-speak, even my father (who's 80) has succumbed to the evils of this horrible habit of abbreviation. My texts go out in plain English and punctuated thank you. Bah humbug.
  10. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Well, that's as maybe, but it was some time ago.

    Personally, I think 0101100101101111011101010010000001101101011011110111010001101000011001010111001000100000011010010111001100100000011000010010000001101000011011110110111101100101011100100010110000100000011000010110111001100100001000000111100101101111011101010111001000100000011001100110000101110100011010000110010101110010001000000111001101101101011001010110110001101100011100110010000001101111011001100010000001101000011101110110000101110010001000000110010001110010011010010110001001100010011011000110010100100001
  11. My source was a hard-copy document I saw from the National Autistic Society (NAS) which I don't any longer have and can't quote verbatim.

    However, this Parliamentary submission has the rate at 71 per 10,000 (1 in 141, approx.) while this quotes NAS statistics putting it at 1 in 86.