Is SYSEX in Blandford, Sh1te?

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by accidentalscaley, Jun 25, 2007.

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  1. Did PD19 course last year, but cos i was downgraded, only got offered Trade Training in Blandford. I've since been upgraded, and am in the process of doing PD19 (Selection for Potential Ph1, Ph2 mil, Trade training instructor) again. However, i'm due posting in the start of August, my YofS has been onto Records, and they've said the only place i can go to at the minute is Trade training, as they're crying out for instructors. My YofS reckons i should take the hit in the arrse, get posted as a Trade training instructor, and then get posted within RSS when i get there. Now i've been told this is incredibly difficult to do. Fact is i've heard all aspects of being a trade training instructor is sh1te, and to be honest the thought of teaching trade makes me feel physically sick. The RCMO recommended 2 years ago, that i not bother going YofS and to pursue the RD side. Now that i have, getting loads of mil quals, acting troop Sgt, and stuff, all they are offering me is Trade! Am i getting the shaft or what. I thought Trade training was for pot YofS??? Any one got any sensible advice, cos i think i'm being reamed here
  2. You have to do a training regiment at some stage in your career if you want to get passed Sgt. Blandford isnt that bad, what trade are you?
    Who says it will be SYSEX you go to
    You are not being shafted.
  3. I want to do a training regiment. I'm dying to! I'm a Sys Op, well CS Op now, i just don't want anything to do with trade anymore. I live for the Green
  4. you are getting shafted.

    hold out for something better
  5. Thanks Easy. 1 Div curse strikes again eh?
  6. I need to get posted in August though, cos my eldest needs to be bedded in to the local school by Sept 1st. Nightmare at the best of times in England
  7. you want to aviod blandford at all costs everyonr i talk to down here says its crap and guess what THERE ******* RIGHT!!!
  8. Ask for 4 Sqn its all green
  9. If you have plenty of mil skills quals you may slide in to 4 Sqn.

    Failing that, it is still time teaching/instructing and looking after phase 2s so will not harm your chances of promotion up the RD roster, just because it is not "keen and green".

    Who knows you may decide that YoS is possible and give it a crack, what have you got to lose?

    Give it a go and if you don't like it, see if you can move around once in Blandford.

    The posting isn't great, it is in the South and expensive, but the camp is good the pads are great, depending where you end up, and it could be worse.
  10. There was talk recently of awarding those in Trg environments an extra point or half point on the board so it may not be all bad. Whilst you are a soldier first, remember that you are also a tradesman and it would be waste not to pass on your experience. If you were any good that is.
  11. id say stop bloody whinging and get yerself posted. its obvious that you are shite at your trade and a **** soldier or you would get a posting of your choice
  12. What great advice.

    Fcuk off nobber.
  13. Oh come on mate, it took 11 months for that last post. It must be nerve-tinglingly awesome and we're just too thick to see it! :D

  14. What, have they been knocked down and rebuilt :D
  15. Of course you are right PD.

    To think all of that up in 11 months he/she/it is obviously far more intelligent than the rest of us :wink: