Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by 8esar, Jun 24, 2003.

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  1. Have all the IS people had a neb at the letter regarding the introduction of IS Supvr appointment at SSgt? What i hadnt given any thought to was if you are unsucessful at being selected for IS Supvr by a board at records, you will go onto the RD Roster at WO2. I know alot of IS Ops who will make bloody good RD's, but not many who want to be one. Any thoughts?

  2. Same as Techs, on the bright side as the trade progresses more and more wait is been given to the IS trade so a standard has to be decided, if you do not reach this standard at least you can still be a SSGT none Super IS.

    Persoanlly though if it happened to me I wouldnt go RD unless I thought I had the chance of a commission.  I would stay IS SSGT and keep trying to build my qual's until the Army said bye bye.

    I'm hoping we will be one of the trades that may have the chance of a full career like the RAF (35 years).

  3. great skhips one hopes that you get passed the rank of SSgt rather than waiting for your 35th year and retirement, blocking that slot which could be given to brighter and better tradesmen. I take it that you like the idea of dead mans shoes then?
  4. IS Ski Geek

    IS Ski Geek War Hero Moderator

    Having not seen this signal yet I am presuming that you would then sit on the board as a Sgt and then if succesfull be allegable to go on the course and pickup up Ssgt at the end if you make the grade - for instance like YofS or FofS!!!
  5. The letter is inviting replies from SSgt's and Sgt's who came off the last board. I would imagine that once the trade is established from Sig upwards, potential IS Supvr will be identified earlier, its probably more comprable to Supvr Radio, as our Supvr course is not a long course.
  6. No Bow man i dont like dead man shoes I think I must of put myself across wrong there but I would be prepared to have slower promotion if it meant I could have what if find a well paid and rewarding job and then been able to retire properly at an early reteirment age of 55 (if I wanted to) without worrying about looking for a second career and having a bigger pension, below shows a bit better my thoughts and please anyone make their feelings known.

    At present we have seven ranks to acheive over 22 years giving an average of 3 years per rank, if we were allowed a full career of 35 years then in theroy giving 5 years per rank.

    a. slower promotion.
    b. more experienced soldiers in each rank.
    c. a true job for life.
  7. I think we have to remember that not everyone is going to achieve all the seven ranks - a soldier may reach their peak at full screw or Sgt (but remain excellent tradesmen and soldiers), then we get into the potential situation of somebody filling a valuable vacancy for 15/20 years and we are back to bow mans situation of dead mans shoes. I dont think the Army and certainly not the Corps can work that way in its present form, and i doubt i will see it in my time - but i'm sure it will happen one day.
  8. You lot wana stop talking utter rubbish, you techs only get to sgt/ssgt from your trade. then you fail your FofS and take RD jobs. where if you joined as a real trade like RTG the highest rank you would get to, would be Cpl because you have no comm.  ;D
  9. Sorry trainhard but I don't like to get into a flmaing war with people but do you know what your're talking about.

    This thread is reffering to IS Ops not techs, these are people that now have two trades, they have their original trade and have had the desire and motivation to re-trade in a bew second trade, requiring time and dedication.

    On top of that not only are a lot of IS "ex" RTG's but RTG is the feeder trade for the future for IS.

    IS Op is possibly the RTG of the future, the Cyber Warrior of the Corp (LOL).
  10. Applications had to be at APC by end of play 17th July. There will be a selection board shortly with a bunch of officers incl 1 x Tfc IS.

    Then....wait for it.....apparently there's gonna be a selection board at Blandford in October. I suspect that CRs might have to be completed early, or the board will have to wait until they're written. The superhero IS Ops (hopefully including me) will do the same as FofS/YofS selection boards - essays, appreciations, interviews etc etc. The successful applicants will be chosen to go on the next course early next year.

    Those Sgts who don't go onto the Supvr IS roster will go onto lower pay band as SSgt IS Op (just like RS Op and AS Op SSgts). Doesn't really matter for me as I'm a staffy already - if I fail the board I'll simply whack in my applications for Adv Drill, RMQ, Senior Brecon and RQMS course. But we'll see eh?
  11. Are you sure that the SSgt's will go onto lower pay? The letter said that personnel who were unsuccessful at the IS Supvr roster will be posted onto the RD roster at WO2. If a SSgt IS Op is still employed in trade, it was my understanding that they would remain on higher pay band. I might well be wrong, but that was the way i'v interpreted the info thats been sent out. Has there been anything official on paper giving exact details of this PoisonDwarf? If there has, could you PM me the details of any letters etc,

    Cheers mate,

  12. To be honest it's just a guess. Only for people who are currently Sgt IS Ops. Staffies would stay on mark time rates, since they can't drop our wages.

    The way I see it, we IS Ops will be pretty much the same as the other trades - RS Op Sgts who get promoted SSgt (non-YofS) go onto low band, then they go up again at WO2 RD. Likewise AS Ops and Techs (Tech SSgt is low band). I can't see IS Ops being any different really.

    I may be proved wrong but I'm applying the precedent already in place. Never seen anything written down though.

    Mind you - WO1 Supvr IS is on lower band for some bizarre reason. A mate of mind just got his commission as Tfc IS - off to 16 Sigs in a few weeks. At least he'll get a payrise unlike when he got WO1!

  13. Cheers for the reply PD. One point is that a tech SSgt on lower band isnt considered in trade and fills an RD slot. The IS SSgt not on the Supvr IS Roster will still be considered in trade - so it will be interesting to see how it all pans out.

    Laters mate,

  14. Well, that's me going to Blandford from 30 Sep to 1 Oct for a whopping 2 day Supvr IS Selection Board. There are about 24 or 25 people going. Successful pers have been told to expect to be loaded onto the Supvr IS course on 20 Oct. 10 weeks = 10 grand....:)

    Not sure if they only pick one course of 12 or if they pick two courses worth. If only course of 12 (same numbers as last course) then that's a high rejection rate! Dunno what it is for YofS/FofS/Supvr(R).

    What isn't clear is promotion. I presume that you have to be a Supvr IS, rather than IS Op, in order to get promoted to WO2. So that means only those people who have completed the course can pick up off the board. As those people who completed the last course (last month) got promoted to WO2 already then the 12 or so people who pass the next course must surely be the next 12 to get promoted to WO2.

    Bloody hope so. The problem with the IS trade is that information management, or rather dissemination, is absolutely terrible. How ironic.

    If any particpants in this forum are going then I'll see you there!

  15. PoisonDwarf - you are correct. Your CEQ has to be Supvr IS to get promoted to WO2. The people on the last course were already selected for promotion before the course, which was the first and last time this will happen. In the future the IS op's will follow the route of the YofS with a selection board etc. Having the CEQ Supvr IS does not guarantee you promotion as we now have enough in the corps and you will have to fight for your promotion just like everyone else. Good luck on the course and remember its not an attendance course. I will probablly see your there (in one way or the other !) :!: