Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by snotrag, Apr 30, 2006.

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  1. It was a tough selection board this year. Only 8 made it through!

    There is talk that a place may have been already given to a Marine. Find this hard to believe but wouldnt be surprised.

    It was good to see that a new appreciation was used this year. This gave an equal chance for once.

    Still rumours of Foreman (IS) and Foreman (tech) any truth??????
  2. I spoke to some people who were on the selection - there was much wailing and gnashing of teeth over that appreciation! Top tip - make sure the original aim gets carried out regardless of the casualty getting to hospital, e.g. get the body to casualty but still get the radio relay station working/rebuild the Taj Mahal! And make sure you write down all your timings on a table - if you run out of time, it'll gain you points with the DS.

    Remember that DCCIS is responsible for not only the selection of supervisory trades but also training the people who have been selected by their own arms e.g. Royal Marines. So you may be right. There was a bootie on the selection course, but I don't know how he got on.

    Well done all those - including Spec Ops - who got selected.

    Fofs(Tech) and FofS(IS) - don't make me laugh. PM me for more info.
  3. Congrats to all of you who were selected - and from what i hear this year those that were unsucessful got a good debrief and are far more forearmed than in previous years. Well done all.

    Any of you that fell at the "whats the difference between IT and IS" or "Does and IS require IT" qustion, shame on you all!! There are at least 40 blokes before you who've been asked those!!

    Well done all.
  4. Congrates to those that passed.

    The appreciation was good, there was many ways to complete your aim depending how you interputed the different factors and then made your decisions, it also put people on a level footing instead of some people having an unfair advantage because they had already seen it.

    For those that were unsucssesful with time on their side make sure you try again, a lot of people take two attempts, for those that time is against, looks like a few more years of doing the Sups jobs for them (only joking).

    Lot of good lads selected so hopefully we will see the trade go from strength to strength.

    Just remember you're roots (unlike some unfortuantly).

    Still covered in brusies from the Assault course.
  5. I hear that one successful person was on his third attempt. Good on him.
  6. I thought that it was a very well run week, which I really enjoyed. I know that sounds sick but it was good fun. Thanks to the team at Blandford for a great week.