IS sup a slice from yofs

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by QinetiQ, Feb 15, 2006.

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  1. With the new is sup being part of sqn op team, do you think that it will have a great effect on a yofs role in the same team?
  2. Not at all in the right unit they will complement each other very well - they certainly do in my ops team - I couldn't manage my Sqn without all 3 of supervisors carrying out their roles and working well together. The bonus with the YofS and Q is that there is at least some cross over between their roles......unlike the FofS!
  3. If anything, I think that the Supvr IS and YofS complement each other quite well. The FofS is a complete different kettle of fish. Although my unit is currently undergoing Bowmanisation the role of a Supvr IS (currently gapped) would be a fresh new position within the Squadron.
  4. so you dont think that there will be any kind of professional clashes, competitiveness. Do you think that with is sup it will reduce the yofs job specs, with all the IT being covered already? Or perhaps when writing CEI's? Do you believe that its still the yofs job to write them and is sup to produce the IT annexes?
  5. Quite agree let the coneheads write the CEI, IT annex, and it certainly will not reduce the YofS job spec not in the slightest!! As previously mentioned earlier there shouldn't be a professional clash, and one point will always remain, that is the YofS is the focal point for any Ops Rm.
  6. And sorting out Class 1 entrances, brews etc.
  7. I don't think there'll be any conflict. The YofS will be too busy writing his Bowman plan. :lol: :lol:
  8. The new IS Sup? I was a Sqn Supvr IS alongside my FofS and YofS brethren over two years ago. Each of us had different stuff to do, depending upon the present role. There is no need for any significant change to the role of the YofS. At the end of the day, he/she is the Assistant Ops Offr or similar and acts as the focal point for most ops stuff. The FofS is your equipment and engineering guru and the IS bod needs to look at stuff like delivery of IS to the staff and what can he/she do towards achieving information exploitation etc. It's a huge old area on its own, covering service management, IT security, acting as the SME for a thousand-and-one applications and operating systems and different forms of technology etc etc. The role will continue to develop - after all the whole civvy ICT arena is constantly undergoing change- so perhaps the Supvr IS needs to try to remain flexible for the timebeing. There's certainly no need for stepping on each others' toes - wherever that happens, it's usually to do with personalities.

    Here endeth the lesson....

  9. So speaketh a tech me thinks :?
  10. There will always be competitiveness but I don't think there will be any professional clashes. As IS Engr's we're all too professional to be anything other than professional at what we do. The general banter between each supervisory trade will always exist but as to who will still be standing say in five or ten years time is something that I cannot answer but a change is a coming...