Is student loan debt considered the same as normal debt?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by CURFCno5, Mar 21, 2012.

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  1. Just had my second interview with my recuiter (BARB complete, pre selection complete) and have been given my 3rd interview for next.

    My recruiter asked me about any debt; I informed her of my student debt. It will total close to £25,000 (4 years tutition and living costs) and the ''creditor'' is Student Finance England - the Government. As I'm going soldier entry she was not sure if this type of debt was acceptable, although I stated that my understanding of the Army's policy on debt was that this was fine - I'm the first ''Graduate Soldier'' applicant she has dealt with.

    Student Loan payments will be taken from my wages, along with other tax and NI etc. so I see no problems ahead. I salso pointed out to her that a significant percentage of Officers will be paying off student loans. Equally, student loan payments are considered ''acceptable debt'' insofar as they are compared against a mortgage; unlike a personal loan or multiple cars on finance etc.

    Does anyone have any knowledge / experience with this sort of issue? I would imagine this is fairly common.

    Cheers for any help.
  2. Yeah Student Loan repayments aren't anything to worry about. I asked my recruiter the same thing.
  3. Irrespective of the myriad of tales of the 1000s of graduates joining the Infantry as Pte soldier's and how degrees are 'ten a penny' amongst RMP JNCOs which will now ensue...your student loan should not prohibit you enlisting as a soldier. Your repayments will be taken at source, so it's not as if you are likely to default.
  4. It is not a problem, I'm currently paying just over £100 a month for mine, straight from my pay cheque and it doesn't affect my finances in any way. Still, wish I could repay it sooner, so I can get more beer tokens!
  5. how much is it total ?
  6. I would check. If memory serves the army doesn't like it's SUT having more than a £1000 of debt or it could just be unmanageable amounts of debt (I mean if your debt is shrinking rather than growing it might be ok) but as your going to into a job that needs a clearance rating they will be looking at your finances
  7. I asked the same question today in my 203 - Major said student loans are not classified as 'debt' as they are paid in different ways? Anyway, hope this helps.
  8. A student loan is not a debt but can be taken into account if you have lot more debts as well especially if your say £250 a month plus a student loan and this would go on your 203 to RG. The student loan only starts to be paid back when your above £22,000-£23000 a year and paid back direct from your wages so realistically wont be paid back till you have been in for a number of years as your paid £13800 in basic, £17000 in phase 2 and not over that ammount for a while once a JNCO.
  9. Is 22-23k not the new threshold for people starting university this September?

    I graduated last year and was informed by the Student Loans Company that repayments would be taken directly from my wages once my income extends past £15,000. I could (and probably am) wrong, but I would imagine this applies to all of those who studied under the previous tuition fee cap?
  10. You may be right, Im only going on what has just been said when chatting with the ACA1 I work with, recently thats the figures I was told as he deals with this all the time for post graduates, if you have been told differently then it may be as you say but I had been led to believe it had always been above 20K threshold...obviously those who have student loans would know the figure that has been set and in basic training you would only be on £13800 anyway.