Is Stella Artois a premium beer

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by DRIVER_B_III_RASC, Apr 20, 2007.

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  1. The reason I ask is this. I was in Belgium recently with Mrs Driver and as I had showered and shaved before she had, she said go down to the bar of the hotel and I'll see you there. As I knew we would be in for a long night booze wise and knowing that some Belgian beers can knock your socks off, I asked the barman for a glass of 'ordinary' beer he. I was served with a glass of Stella and he said it was just an average, everyday beer. Over here we tend to big it up a bit and pay through the hooter for it.
  2. Traditionally we Brits like our Beer.

    Therefore beer for the UK market was made with a lower alcohol content; as we wouldn't appreciate quality and it was harder to get bladdered on weak beer (liquid consumption being massive).

    So "continental" lagers are stronger and have been classed as premium in this country.
  3. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    Wife beater? Nah! :D
  4. Wife Beater is minging anyway. Kronenbourg and Stripe all the way!!
  5. Tonight, I will be mainly doing Grolsch.
  6. It's only a premium beer because that is their marketing strategy. They want you to have the idea that because your paying more, it's better quality. But it's not, it's just another beer! Brewed in the UK as well.
  7. .
    A "Premium" beer is nowt to do with quality; its all about how much £extra the Marketing Bods can get away with charging gullible punters.
  8. Rubbish beer - er, lager. I beg beer's pardon. :?

    "Brewed" in UK.

    Overpriced. :evil:

    Now Pilsner Urquell . . . . :wink: :lol: :D
  9. Must you shatter all my bloody dreams and illusions, brewed in the UK!
  10. Guinness is the only alcohol that should pass through your lips.

    Stella is for gays.

    And footballers-mind you, they're one and the same aren't they?
  11. bud bud bud and 80'/
  12. I love Stella, she's a wanton blonde slut who loves to give head. She makes me go blurry-eyed and weak at the knees......
  13. And Budvar of course.
    But for real beer you should've been drinking Trappist.
  14. I do like a drop or two of Stella, but having spent 2 years at SHAPE I sampled many fine Belgian beers. Leffe is good but my personal favorite, which you need to re-mortgage your house for in the UK is Hoegarden (sp), if you haven't tried it - do so, blows your socks off.


    another example...mexican pish "SOL CERVEZA" served with a fruit bowl in the bottles neck.....mexican version of kestrel lager!!! no-one out there would drink it!