Is STAB TIFFY2b a good chap or is he an oxygen thief???

Discussion in 'ARRSE Social, Events & Networking' started by paveway_3, Dec 20, 2005.

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  1. There has been mutterings that STAB TIFFY2B is an attention seeking little fella who picks on
    girls from behind his pc .Now what are your opinons on this popular little chap ? Has he been wronged ?
    Is he misunderstood? . Please post your tales on this cartoon charactar looking chap . Just remember
    persec we all know its a little quirk of his .
  2. O2 stealing cockweasle,

    thats just my opinion and of course does not represent any official comment from the MOD, ARRSE or HM Govt.
  3. TY Phantom - saves any brain effort on my part.

    I concur.
  4. I remeber when he quit the chat room due to the fact there were no funny people online. I couldn't help wondering why he didn't stay and regail us all with some ball bouncingly funny anecdotes from one of his 'drill nights'.
    can't fault his persec though. Maybe Chris Ryan should take a leaf out of his book.
  5. Can be a bit harsh in the Naafi, but then, so is everyone else. Don't you think it's a bit sad to start a thread about a character on Arrse? Maybe you all deserve Stabbtiffy to be a c*nt to you all!
  6. he is not to bad if you actually know him(he is in my unit)
  7. Before I knew anything about stabtiffy, he was in the chat room one fine day, and started being exceedingly annoying, getting far too gobby sseing as I had never spoken to him before.

    In my opinion he needs to learn some manners and as polite requests don't work then perhaps this will work. Mind you an evening of drunken abuse in London didn't work.
    I'd like him to shut the fcuk up, think then post/chat.
  8. Agreed. Too many whiny fcukers that have to run off too mommy every time the nasty man says howwible things to them.

    Look back through to the early days of ARRSE and cast your eyes over some of the original posts, Stabbtiffy is positivley tame in comparison.

    If you don't like it, press the "Off" button or fight and argue back but starting a thread to have a crack is a bit fcuking gay to say the least.
  9. Thats rich coming from you.

    How did you get on with your Kukri attachment by the way ?
  10. He’s like a big dog with no teeth, utterly harmless.
    He hasn’t got the size, age, or authority to back himself up.
    Better just to ignore him and ridicule at your leisure :D

    Don’t upset him too much or he’ll go crying to his AI :lol:
  11. stop taking it all to heart if he says something that you dont like either ignore him or tell him to wind his neck in and foxtrot oscar it is quite simple as i said before he is alright when you actually know him and his mum is lovley (if that dont get him biting nowt will) this is the internet it is optional to be on it
  12. Whos biting ? i am not . The guy can say what he likes .Also any one who he upsets can fight there own corner .
    But the reality behind the legend is that he is a skinny little gobby runt who who should stop ,listen and think before he
    talks the complete shit he does .
  13. Who is this stab guy and why is he so unpopular ?
  14. Oh for fcks sake! Who the hell are you to take the piss out of my threads?! Get some posts under your name and then you can feel free to have a go. Infact, why does the starting poster have less than 20 posts? You've hardly ever spoken to Stabbtiffy! I've never had much of a conversation with him, but I don't really find him that offensive, and I would never do a "Who wants to be in my gang" post. With wet wimpy whiners posting on here, no wonder he gets as hacked off as the rest of us!!
  15. I think you ought to get some posts on here and make some friends before you go pissing off contributors who've been here a while.
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